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List of moths of Great Britain (Notodontidae) facts for kids

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The family Notodontidae comprises the "prominent and kitten moths", of which 27 have been recorded in Great Britain:

Subfamily Notodontinae

Furcula furcula01
Sallow kitten (male)
Drymonia ruficornis02
Lunar marbled brown
  • Cerura vinula, puss moth — throughout
  • Furcula bicuspis, alder kitten — south-west, south-east, east and west-central (localized)
  • Furcula furcula, sallow kitten — throughout
  • Furcula bifida, poplar kitten — south and central (localized)
  • Notodonta dromedarius, iron prominent — throughout
  • Notodonta torva, large dark prominent — rare immigrant
  • Notodonta tritophus, three-humped prominent — immigrant
  • Notodonta ziczac, pebble prominent — throughout
  • Pheosia gnoma, lesser swallow prominent — throughout
  • Pheosia tremula, swallow prominent — throughout
  • Ptilodon capucina, coxcomb prominent — throughout
  • Ptilodon cucullina, maple prominent — south and east (localized)
  • Odontosia carmelita, scarce prominent — south and north (localized)
  • Pterostoma palpina, pale prominent — throughout
  • Leucodonta bicoloria, white prominentextinct as resident species; possible immigrant
  • Ptilophora plumigera, plumed prominent — south-east (Nationally Scarce A)
  • Drymonia dodonaea, marbled brown — south, central and north-west (localized)
  • Drymonia ruficornis, lunar marbled brown — throughout
  • Gluphisia crenata vertunea, dusky marbled brown — rare immigrant

Subfamily Pygaerinae

Clostera curtula 03
  • Clostera pigra, small chocolate-tip — throughout (Nationally Scarce B)
  • Clostera anachoreta, scarce chocolate-tip — south-east (Red Data Book)
  • Clostera curtula, chocolate-tip — throughout southern England, locally distributed in north

Subfamily Phalerinae

  • Phalera bucephala, buff-tip — throughout

Subfamily Heterocampinae

Stauropus fagi3
The lobster moth is named after the caterpillar rather than the adult moth.
  • Stauropus fagi, lobster moth — south and west-central
  • Harpyia milhauseri, tawny prominent — rare immigrant
  • Peridea anceps, great prominent — south, west-central and north-west (localized)

Subfamily Dilobinae

  • Diloba caeruleocephala, figure of eight — south, centre and north ‡Species listed in the 2007 UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) are indicated by a double-dagger symbol (‡)—species so listed for research purposes only are also indicated with an asterisk (‡*).
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