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Luz Noceda
The Owl House character
Luz Noceda
First appearance A Lying Witch and a Warden (2020)
Created by Dana Terrace
Voiced by Sarah Nicole-Robles
Species Human
Gender Female
Family Camila Noceda (mother)
Nationality Dominican-American
  • Magic (via glyphs)
    • Light magic
    • Ice magic
    • Plant magic
    • Fire magic
Age 14

Luz Noceda is a fictional character who serves as the main protagonist of the Disney Channel animated series The Owl House. She is voiced by Sarah Nicole-Robles.


According to series creator Dana Terrace, Luz is named after her Dominican-American roommate, Luz Batista, a story artist and consultant for the show. Terrace also said that Luz's character evolved from conversations she had with Luz Batista, who later became her best friend. Later, Nancy Kanter, EVP, Content and Creative Strategy of Disney Channels Worldwide explained that while they loved the "combination of magic and mystery in this other world" of The Owl House, they really "fell in love with the main character Luz," leading them to green-light the show itself. This connected with Terrace's hope that audiences are "entertained by Luz’s world and her off-the-wall adventures."


Luz Noceda is a 14-year-old Dominican-American girl who wears a cat-ear hooded indigo-and-white T-shirt, denim shorts, black leggings, white shoes, and she has short dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Luz is very quirky, outgoing, and unpredictable. She is a fan of the novel series The Good Witch Azura. She loves fantasy to the point of being detached from reality and has a hard time making friends. However she still does have a heart and good intentions. In the first episode of the series her mother sends her to a reality-check camp, but she accidentally ends up going to the Boiling Isles instead through the portal in a nearby house instead. Due to her love of all things fantasy and magical, she wants to become a witch. She soon becomes a friend of a small wolf-like demon with a skull-like head named King, and Eda's apprentice. Later, Luz enters Hexside Academy as a new exchange student.

Fictional character biography

Luz Noceda is a young girl who has a strong love for fantasy. So strong, in fact, that it gets her into trouble. After failing her book report at school due to her outlandish presentation, her mother decides to send her to "Reality Check Summer Camp" to help her "think inside the box". To show confirmation towards her mother's wishes, she throws her copy of The Good Witch Azura book in the trash. As soon as her mother leaves however, she fishes for it, only to see it being carried away, along with other garbage, by a diminutive owl and follows it into a dilapidated house. Luz suddenly gets transported to the magical world of the Boiling Islands, specifically a town called Bonesborough. Luz is immediately taken in by a notorious witch named Eda Clawthorne and her small "roommate" King and begins to live with them at the Owl House, the series' namesake. Realizing that her life back home would be unfulfilling, she decides to stay in Bonesborough to train under Eda and become a witch, despite the fact that she herself is incapable of performing magic. Shortly afterwards, she befriends two young witches named Willow Park and Gus Porter who attend Hexside, a school that Luz begins vying to attend. She also meets Amity Blight, a snooty student who looks down on Luz and her friends.

During her time in Bonesborough, Luz slowly learns that she can perform magic through drawing symbols. She also discovers that Eda had been cursed as a child and wants to help her try to remove it. Her relationship with Amity begins to improve when she realizes that she genuinely cares for her well-being and end up having a shared love for The Good Witch Azura series. Through the actions of Eda, and a little from Gus, Luz finally gets accepted into Hexside and, contrary to the initial rules, is allowed to learn from every track after she saves the school from a Greater Basilisk.

Luz attends a field trip to the Emperor's Coven and plans to steal an item to cure Eda. She ends up getting discovered by Lilith, Eda's sister who has been trying to capture her, and kidnaps Luz to lure Eda out. They collectively learn that she had been the one who cursed Eda and has been trying to capture her, not just to cure Eda's curse, but to also have her join the coven, something Eda had long detested. Luz ends up getting sent back home after Eda gives herself up willingly to save her. Luz and King head back to rescue her from the Emperor's Coven and reluctantly teams up with Lilith after she admits that Emperor Belos plans to kill Eda, rather than cure her. Luz faces off against the Emperor who will only let Eda go if she gives him the key to the real world, which Eda used when Luz first came to the Boiling Isles. However, Luz uses her magic to destroy it and she rescues her friends before fleeing. Lilith uses her magic to share the curse between herself and Eda and Luz decides to help them reclaim their magic, after their's diminish.

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