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Messy Goes to OKIDO
1 x 1
"When you need to know, go to OKIDO!" - Messy
Genre Children's animation
Based on OKIDO Magazine
Directed by Max Maleo
Starring Adam Buxton
Kate Harbour
Shelley Longworth
Rob Rackstraw
Theme music composer Sam Britton and Will Worsley
Opening theme Messy Goes to OKIDO
Ending theme Messy Goes to OKIDO
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 78
Executive producer(s) Genevieve Dexter, Alice Britton
Producer(s) Jules Coke
Running time 11 minutes (Approx.)
Production company(s) Doodle Productions
Rooks Nest Entertainment
Eye Present (formerly Squint/Opera)
Distributor WildBrain
Original network CBeebies
Original release 7 September 2015 (2015-09-07) – 30 October 2019 (2019-10-30)

Messy Goes to Okido is a 2015 animated comedy adventure television series for children, adapted from characters in OKIDO, a children's arts and science magazine. Inquisitive monster Messy, voiced by Adam Buxton, has adventures with his best friends Zoe and Felix in the colourful world of Okido. The first series aired in 2015 premiering on the BBC channel CBeebies.


The concept was picked up by London-based CG studio Squint/Opera. Working with Squint/Opera the concept was developed and re-imagined as a 52 part children's show combining live action footage with 3D renderings of Messy, his friends and the world of OKIDO.

The show aims to tackle a scientific topic in each episode, beginning with a question posed by Messy, for example: why do some things float and some things sink? He travels to OKIDO to discover the answers with the help of his friends Zoe & Felix and science trio Zim, Zam & Zoom who all have specific abilities which help them in their adventures.



Messy is a blue monster, excitable and curious. He lives underneath a bed and ventures out often to discover new things and learn. Whilst Messy means well his excitement can often land him in trouble, he can't control his urge to push buttons and can never get enough of eating socks (green socks are his preferred snack). Whenever Messy finds something new that he's curious about, he travels to OKIDO to meet his friends and discover the answer.


Zoe is one of Messy's best friends who lives in OKIDO with her brother Felix. Zoe is very smart and sensible, she hates being late and getting lost but has a passion for gadgets and gizmos, her favourite is her communications watch which she can use to call Zim, Zam & Zoom.


Felix is one of Messy's best friends who lives in OKIDO with his sister Zoe. Felix loves using his imagination, being inventive and being prepared. He always packs a rucksack with useful things to help on their adventures.


Zim is a yellow talking computer with a white screen who knows a lots about science. He works in the ZZZ Tower with Zam and Zoom. Zim is not very good at practical things like reading maps and this often leads to disagreements with Zam. Whenever Zim gets confused his screen starts buffering.


Zam is a triangle-shaped engineer who is brilliant at fixing things; she also works in the ZZZ Tower. She is quite bossy and sometimes tells Zim off if he is getting in the way. Zam uses her tools to make all kinds of gadgets and vehicles. Zam also loves doing experiments, particularly when they blow up.


Zoom is Zim and Zam's lab assistant. Zoom can morph into any shape they want as long as it is not bigger than their body. This is very useful when the OKIDO gang are on an adventure. He doesn't speak but can make noises.

Other characters

Mayor Oki – He is the Mayor of OKIDO, has his own TV show called OKIDO Today and a private jet 'Mayor-Force-One'. Mayor Okido panics easily.

Lolly – Lolly runs the ice-cream van and beach cafe. She is very friendly and chilled out.

Geoffrey – He owns the OKIDO cafe. He used to be an actor but one day forgot his lines and has never acted again...

Snowden – A friendly, fun loving monster that lives in the snowy mountains.

Fluff – Fluff a big white cloud from the Welsh Valleys, she is very calm, sweet and kind.


Series 1 (2015-2016)

Episode No. Episode Name Original UK Airdate Episode Description
1 Moon Landing 7 September 2015 Messy accidentally drops his jam sandwich, but why did it fall down and not up? He goes to OKIDO and rockets up to the moon to find out.
2 Felix Finds His Voice 8 September 2015 Messy hears a bird singing outside but doesn't know what he's trying to say. Maybe he'll find the answer in OKIDO.
3 Okido In Bloom 9 September 2015 The sky is full of big grey rain clouds in the real world. Messy watches his sandcastle outside get washed away by the pouring rain. Why does it have to rain? He competes in the OKIDO flower competition and finds out why.
4 Tastebuddies 10 September 2015 Messy wonders why his tasty green socks don't taste the same when he has a cold.
5 Messy's Lost Balloon 11 September 2015 Messy, Zoe and Felix travel to the land of balloons.
6 Float Or Sink 14 September 2015 Why do some things float and some things sink? Pirate Captain Messy will find out in OKIDO.
7 Bouncing Batwaves 15 September 2015 Messy is having fun blowing loud notes through his musical horn instrument "PARP PARP!!" But whatever noise Messy is making someone or something is making it too. Messy goes in search of the copycat voice.
8 Cavity Cave 16 September 2015 Why do we need to brush our teeth? When you need to know go to OKIDO.
9 Rainy Sunny Day 17 September 2015 Messy finds out about rainbows.
10 Messy-morphosis 18 September 2015 Messy wants to know where his caterpillar friends went.
11 Thirsty Robot 21 September 2015 Messy monster can't work out why his cart won't move. The wheels just won't go round like normal. Off he goes to OKIDO to find out why.
12 Mr Kite Takes Flight 22 September 2015 Messy monster is just about to take a bite out of his delicious green sock for breakfast but before he can... WHOOOSH! His sock has blown away! He goes to OKIDO to find out why the wind is so blowy!
13 Weepy 23 September 2015 Messy finds a very dusty sock underneath his bed but why does it make him teary? He goes to OKIDO to find out.
14 Gills 24 September 2015 Messy wants to know how his goldfish friend can stay underwater for so long? He goes to OKIDO to find out.
15 Paperchase 25 September 2015 Messy has a pair of yummy green socks waiting for him. He eats one but where is the second? In OKIDO he finds out.
16 Lolly's Keys 28 September 2015 Messy monster is having breakfast and sees little objects on the fridge, why don't they fall off? He goes to OKIDO to find out.
17 Ice Ice Messy 29 September 2015 Messy's new friend is in a spot of hot bother. They go on an icy adventure to the south pole, the desert and mountains to help.
18 A Messy Night Before Christmas 30 September 2015 Messy can't wait for Christmas Day to arrive. He learns that everyone needs to get a good night's sleep, even Mother Christmas.
19 A Night at the Circuits 1 October 2015 Messy joins his friends in OKIDO on a tiny adventure. They explore the electrical world of circuits to fix Zoe's communicator.
20 Messy Power 2 October 2015 Hey, who turned out the lights? Messy goes to OKIDO and finds out electricity can lead to music, lights and disco dancing.
21 Planet Wobble 5 October 2015 Messy and friends rocket into space but a mischievous Messy sends OKIDO's seasons into chaos. Time to fix this planet wobble.
22 Alien Television 6 October 2015 Aliens on OKIDO telly? Skateboarders in the satellite?. Everything's upside down. It's up to Messy and his friends to fix it.
23 Comet 7 October 2015 Messy has to save OKIDO from a falling comet before his bedtime. He sees that Mayor Oki still has his bath.
24 Bee Story 8 October 2015 There's some funny 'buzzy-ness' going on in OKIDO. Where are all the bees? Messy and friends meet bee royalty and save the day.
25 Tiny Sandwiches 9 October 2015 Messy joins Zim and his friends on a mission inside a sandwich to photograph some atoms for Mayor Oki – Everyone say cheese.
26 Big Hearted Messy 12 October 2015 Messy, Zoe and Felix have to get Lofty's heart pumping.
27 Building Bridges 2 May 2016 Messy and his friends are joined by a group of robots to build a bridge to reach Billy Barnacle. Stan tall puts it to the test.
28 Cheesy Feet 3 May 2016 Messy thinks smelly socks and cheesy feet are brie-lliant! But when it's Lofty's feet that smell, it's a giant problem...
29 Colours 4 May 2016 Messy and friends are left feeling blue when the vacubots suck all the colour out of OKIDO! So they better get red-dy to fix it!
30 Habitat 5 May 2016 When the Cloudship malfunctions and soars off into Okido, it's up to Messy and friends to return it to its natural habitat!
31 Mayor Force One 6 May 2016 Messy gets to fly Mayor Oki's plane, but this is no easy jet and he crash lands in a tree... Luckily, robots fly to the rescue!
32 Vivienne Blows Her Top 9 May 2016 Messy and his friends have animals to save and eruptions to stop in OKIDO when Vivienne Volcano gets a rumbly tummy! Oh deary!
33 Fossil Puzzle 10 May 2016 In the real world Messy is bored of his dino-jigsaw! In OKIDO, his friends help him piece together a real prehistoric puzzle!
34 Funny Bones 11 May 2016 Mustard goes in search for help - Lofty has a broken finger! Messy and friends save the day and discover bones are amazing.
35 Messy Antics 12 May 2016 It's Mayor Oki's birthday picnic. Messy and friends get in trouble with Zam's shrinkasizer! Time to solve these OKIDO ant-ics!
36 Spider Messy 13 May 2016 Messy goes to OKIDO and helps his friends to mend Loopy Bridge but along the way Zim finds himself in a sticky situation!
37 Dizzy 16 May 2016 Messy and friends go on a rollercoaster adventure and figure out why Stan tall is in such a spin!
38 Me and My Shadow 17 May 2016 When Messy breaks the lighthouse things get shady... But without a shadow of a doubt, he and his friends save the day!
39 A Case of the Lightnings 18 May 2016 Messy and friends visits Fluff the cloud's family, and things heat up in flash when her brother Nimby gets the lightnings!
40 Okidoasis 19 May 2016 Messy's thirsty for an adventure, so he goes to OKIDO to help his friends solve the mystery of the dried up Oasis!
41 Messy Music 20 May 2016 Messy and friends must play the OKIDO concert! Music is instrumental, but then it's time for OKIDO to make some noise!
42 A Sock Too Far 23 May 2016 When Messy and his friends go camping with a robot who can do anything, there is a giant sized socksident!
43 Rumbly Tummy 24 May 2016 Messy's tummy is rumbling and so is Lofty the giant's! Luckily the gang are hungry to solve this scientific mystery though…
44 Rub A Dub Messy 25 May 2016 When Messy and friends discover how to catapult heavy things with a lever, farmyard animal bathtime commences with a splash!
45 Splish Splash Splosh 26 May 2016 Lofty's giant sneezes go a long way, so Messy and his friends must help to wash OKIDO and get rid of all the bad germs flying around!
46 Eye Spy 27 May 2016 Messy and friends search explore the forest with Tweedy, but when her eyesight fails luckily Zim, Zam and Zoom can lens a hand!
47 Snowflakes 30 May 2016 It's summer in OKIDO, but Messy wants to chill out in the snow, so he's lucky when the snowflakes come out to play!
48 Wiggly Worms 31 May 2016 When Mayor Oki's pumpkins aren't big enough Messy and his friends muck in and save the day! With the help of some wiggly worms…
49 Second Chances 1 June 2016 Messy helps his friends find Zoe's lost communicator, which has ended up in the recycling but luckily, Zim is magnetic!
50 Messy Races 2 June 2016 Messy and friends enter a race in OKIDO and the various vehicles speed off! But who has the power to win the mystery prize?
51 Giant Messy 3 June 2016 Messy and friends go to the funfair, but when the shrinkasizer comes out, they end up in a giant mess with mini Mini!
52 Tick Tock Messy 6 June 2016 Messy goes to OKIDO to play with Zim and Zam's new discovery! But will he and his friends get back from this adventure in time…

Series 2 (2018-2019)

Episode No. Episode Name Original UK Airdate Episode Description
1 Glow Messy 22 October 2018 When the OKIDO lighthouse breaks down, Messy, Felix, Zoe and Zoom go on an perilous journey through Mystery Mountain in search of a light that never goes out.
2 Vote OKIDO 23 October 2018 Mayor Oki and Geoffrey are making a lot of noise in an election for who will be the next Mayor of OKIDO.
3 Snowden's Ear-mergency 24 October 2018 Snowden has lost his pine cone ears and he can't hear a sausage! Will Messy and his friends find them in time for his performance in the OKIDO Ice Skating Extravaganza?
4 A Touch of Sock 25 October 2018 OKIDO's biggest robot, Stan Tall, has no sense of touch and longs to feel the snow and the wind on his face. Will Messy and his friends be able to help?
5 Messy Has a Hoot 26 October 2018 Messy and his friends go on a camping trip in OKIDO Forest with Tweedie the Explorer and meet a few more nocturnal animals than they bargained for.
6 Sparkly Messy 29 October 2018 Messy and his friends discover an amazing cave on their quest for the perfect sculpture material for OKIDO's most famous artist, Zinnie.
7 Journey To Socktropolis 30 October 2018 Zam tries out her new navigator, which the friends use to find Messy's favourite place in OKIDO... Socktropolis! But when the batteries run out, how will they find their way back?
8 Messy Migration 31 October 2018 When a little turtle gets stranded on the beach in OKIDO, Messy helps her rejoin her friends so they can begin their very important journey across the ocean.
9 The Sun in a Bucket 1 November 2018 When the sun mysteriously disappears, Messy and his friends zoom up to space to find out what's going on and bump into some old friends. Can they all bring the sun back or will OKIDO be in darkness forever?
10 Ex-Static Messy 2 November 2018 Messy's fur is all spikey and everything's getting stuck together! Will a trip to OKIDO's Valley of the Lost Balloons reveal the answers?
11 Nimby Goes to Cloud Club 5 November 2018 Nimby is too nervous to do his first Cloud Club badge. Messy and friends come up with a plan to help Nimby overcome his nerves and save OKIDO from some mysterious accidents.
12 A Touch of the Fogs 6 November 2018 Everyone in OKIDO is getting ready to watch the dolphin's dance at Vivienne Volcano's island. But why is the island covered in cloud and will Messy and his friends be able to help clear it before the show starts?
13 Geoffrey Kneads a Hand 7 November 2018 A spot of baking with Geoffrey goes awry when Messy gets the quantities wrong. Will the friends escape from the giant dough spreading throughout OKIDO?
14 A Mayor Too Far 14 October 2019 Hundreds of strawberries, a lot of mayors and Zam's latest OKIDO invention help Messy find out what makes him who he is.
15 Blue Skies Ahead 15 October 2019 Why has the sky in OKIDO turned so red? With the help of Zim, Zam and Zoom, the friends go on a trip in the rocket to find out.
16 Sweet Sticky Messy 16 October 2019 Mayor Oki creates a new perfume that everyone in OKIDO adores. But what are the bees so upset about?
17 Messy Moves a Mountain 17 October 2019 Rocky Mountain is feeling down in the dumps because he's never been to the beach, so Messy and his friends from OKIDO come up with a clever plan to cheer him up!
18 Carroty Carrots 18 October 2019 Messy and his friends help Lofty the giant make the biggest birthday cake ever. But will they be able to stop the out-of-control Growbot? And why are there carrots all over OKIDO?
19 Bubble Trouble 21 October 2019 Bubbles, bubbles, all over OKIDO! Zam invents a super-strong bubble machine, but things go a bit wrong and Zim finds himself in a spot of bother.
20 Supersonic Messy 22 October 2019 Okidoodle is jealous of the new RoboCar, which can go super fast! Will Okidoodle be able to catch up with the RoboCar and earn back Messy's admiration? It's time to use the turbo button for a supersonic trip around OKIDO City to find out! Balabalaboomboom!
21 Muscly Messy 23 October 2019 At the OKIDO Oki-lympics, everyone is joining in! A race between Messy with his super muscles and Zam with his amazing new robot pants results in some surprises.
22 Messy Mega Power 24 October 2019 The Oki-dokis are about to perform when OKIDO runs out of electricity! Anxious that their favourite band might not be able to play, can Messy and his friends find a new way of powering the concert?
23 Messy's Pixel Power 25 October 2019 How do pictures get onto a screen, and how does a cartoon get into your TV? When you need to know, go to OKIDO!
24 Sneezy Wheezy 28 October 2019 Everyone in OKIDO has been kept awake by a mysterious sound. Messy and his friends go to find its source and discover that the giants need their help.
25 The Gloria Express 29 October 2019 When leaves on the line cause havoc with OKIDO's railway, will the mayor be able to meet his mother Gloria and Lolly in time for lunch?
26 Zoom Has a Dream 30 October 2019 Zam invents a machine that makes it possible to go inside other people's dreams - what a trip! However, when Zoom has a bad dream in time, will Messy and his friends from OKIDO be able to save him?
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