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Mod, MOD or mods may refer to:


  • Modesto City–County Airport, Stanislaus County, California, US

Arts, entertainment, and media


  • Mods (band), a Norwegian rock band
  • M.O.D. (Method of Destruction), a band from New York City
  • The Mods (band), a punk rock band from Toronto
  • Circuit bending, modification of an existing circuit such as a guitar pedal, digital keyboard, or drum machine

Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media

  • Mod (movie), 2011 movie
  • The Mods (movie), 2014 movie
  • Mod (video games), changes to a video game, usually by persons not associated with the main developers, which may affect visuals, gameplay, and other aspects
  • Mòd, a festival of Scottish Gaelic song, arts and culture
  • Media-on-demand, a new generation of video on demand
  • MuchOnDemand, a music-television show that airs on MuchMusic in Canada

Brands and enterprises

  • Mod Club Theatre, a nightclub in Toronto, Canada
  • MOD Pizza, a fast casual pizza restaurant chain based in the United States


  • MoD (UK), the UK Ministry of Defence
  • Masters of Deception, a US-based hacker group
  • Ministry of Defence, a part of the government responsible for defence
  • Ministry of Development (Brunei), a Bruneian government ministry

Science and technology

Computing and Internet

  • Mod, a module for Apache HTTP Server
  • Case modding, the modification of a computer chassis
  • Forum moderator, a person who watches over an Internet message board
  • Module file, a family of computer music formats which play patterns of embedded sound samples
    • MOD (file format), the first module file format
  • Source code file (for an implementation module) in the programming language Modula-2


  • Mod n cryptanalysis, a partitioning attack applicable to block and stream ciphers
  • Modulo (mathematics), a mathematical term
    • Modular arithmetic, a system of arithmetic for integers where numbers return to zero after a certain value
    • Modulo operation, the remainder of division of one number by another
    • Modular exponentiation, a type of exponentiation performed over a modulus
    • Remainder, the "left over" part in division of integers which cannot be expressed with an integer quotient

Other uses in science and technology

  • Mod, a type of electronic cigarette
  • MOD and TOD, a tapeless video format by JVC
  • Modchip, a device designed to modify the behavior of an electronic system
  • Model organism database, a database that houses and disseminates organism-specific biological knowledge
  • Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, a medical condition

Other uses

  • MOD (Marehan, Ogaden, Darawiish)
  • Mod (subculture), 1960s British youth subculture
    • Mod revival, a rebirth of the mod subculture in the late 1970s
  • MOD, a basic unit of time used in the MODAPTS predetermined motion time system
  • Body modification, the deliberate altering of the human body for non-medical reasons
  • Honour Moderations, a first set of examinations at Oxford University
  • Manufactured-on-demand, such as Warner Archive Collection
  • Maximum operating depth, in scuba diving, the depth at which a gas mix exceeds safe limits
  • Mod Cup, a trophy in the sport of shinty first competed for in 1969
  • Modular scheduling, a system of school timetabling
  • Multicultural organization development
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