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Model, models, or modeling can mean: An abstract (idea, theory, simulation) or smaller approximation of an object or system for testing. (Like a car, building or ship.)

Ideas, concepts or software

  • Business model
  • Model (abstract), an abstract or conceptual object used in the creation of math to predict its behavior
  • Model theory, study of the representation of mathematical concepts
  • Mental model, a person's way of thinking of an idea or thought process
  • Similitude (model), in engineering, used in the scientific testing of physical models
  • Working Model, engineering software

Physical or smaller objects

  • Model (physical), a physical representation of an object
  • Solid modelling, study of unambiguous representations of the solid parts of an object
  • Scale model, a replica or prototype of an object
    • Model building, a hobby centered around construction of material replicas
  • 3D model, a 3D polygonal representation of an object, usually displayed with a computer
  • Model (computer games), in 3D computer graphics, a computer generated image of a character or an object

Persons or occupations

  • Model (art), a person who poses for purposes of art, for example in art school (often known as an artist's model)
  • Model (person), a person whose occupation is to display products, e.g. a fashion model
  • Promotional model, a person who advertises a product or service
  • Role model, a person who serve as a good example to others


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