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Nannodiplax rubra
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Male, Queensland
Nannodiplax rubra female 6680.jpg
Female, Queensland
Conservation status
Scientific classification
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Nannodiplax rubra, commonly called the pygmy percher, is a species of dragonfly in the monotypic genus Nannodiplax. Its distribution seems to be limited to Australia and New Guinea. They are tiny dragonflies (wingspan 40 mm, length 25 mm) with a bright red abdomen and clear wings. They are found near a wide variety of rivers and streams. The Australian distribution ranges from Broome, Western Australia via the north and east to around Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. The taxon has not yet been assessed for the IUCN Red List, but it is listed in the Catalogue of Life.

Generic synonymy

There are three synonyms of other species listed in the "World Odonata List":

  • Nannodiplax yutsehongi (Navas, 1935) for Nannophya pygmaea (Rambur, 1842)
  • Nannodiplax clara (Needham, 1930) for Nannophyopsis clara (Needham, 1930)
  • Nannodiplax finschi (Karsch, 1889) for Brachydiplax denticauda (Brauer, 1867)


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