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National Register of Historic Places listings in Dodge County, Wisconsin facts for kids

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Map of Wisconsin highlighting Dodge County
Location of Dodge County in Wisconsin

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Dodge County, Wisconsin. It is intended to provide a comprehensive listing of entries in the National Register of Historic Places that are located in Dodge County, Wisconsin. The locations of National Register properties for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below may be seen in a map.

There are 37 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. Another two properties were once listed but have been removed.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Beaumont Hotel
Beaumont Hotel
January 13, 1988
45 Main St.
43°29′48″N 88°32′40″W / 43.496667°N 88.544444°W / 43.496667; -88.544444 (Beaumont Hotel)
Mayville 3-story Queen Anne-style commercial block with bays covered with pressed metal and with an elaborate cornice. Designed by Henry Messmer and Son of Milwaukee and built in 1896 for Jacob Mueller, publisher of the Dodge County Pioneer, a German-language newspaper.
2 W. H. Boller Meat Market and Residence
W. H. Boller Meat Market and Residence
August 19, 1994
705 S. Water St.
43°35′29″N 88°26′25″W / 43.591389°N 88.440278°W / 43.591389; -88.440278 (W. H. Boller Meat Market and Residence)
Lomira 2-story cream brick building, originally containing a meat market, cold store, and living quarters, built in 1913 for William Boller.
3 Central State Hospital Historic District
Central State Hospital Historic District
September 13, 1991
Lincoln St. between Beaver Dam and Mason Sts.
43°37′24″N 88°44′12″W / 43.623333°N 88.736667°W / 43.623333; -88.736667 (Central State Hospital Historic District)
Waupun Hospital complex built by the state beginning in 1913 to care for the insane - especially the criminal and dangerous. The complex included a dairy, a chicken house, pig pen, smoke house, and a carpenter shop, so the inmates could contribute and experience therapeutic work.
4 Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway Company Passenger Depot
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway Company Passenger Depot
July 7, 1981
127 S. Spring St.
43°27′22″N 88°50′10″W / 43.456111°N 88.836111°W / 43.456111; -88.836111 (Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway Company Passenger Depot)
Beaver Dam Red brick cottage-like depot of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad designed by Frost & Granger and built in 1900. Previously listed as "Dodge County Historical Museum".
5 Martin K. Dahl House
Martin K. Dahl House
September 11, 1975
314 Beaver Dam St.
43°37′46″N 88°44′43″W / 43.629444°N 88.745278°W / 43.629444; -88.745278 (Martin K. Dahl House)
Waupun Late Second Empire-style house with typical mansard roof, designed by Newell Whiting and built in 1879. Dahl was a Norwegian immigrant blacksmith and investor in farmlands in Minnesota and Dakota, a civic leader, and the builder of the "first mansion" in Waupun, this house.
6 Fountain Inn
Fountain Inn
September 30, 2009
203 Front St.
43°27′22″N 88°50′22″W / 43.456194°N 88.839492°W / 43.456194; -88.839492 (Fountain Inn)
Beaver Dam Tavern of the Binzel Brewing Co., built 1911. The owner fought neighbors and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources after flooding on the Beaver Dam River caused a redesign of downtown Beaver Dam but he eventually lost and the building was razed. The site was empty in July 2015.
7 Fox Lake Railroad Depot
Fox Lake Railroad Depot
May 22, 1978
Cordelia St. and S. College Avenue
43°33′40″N 88°54′31″W / 43.561111°N 88.908611°W / 43.561111; -88.908611 (Fox Lake Railroad Depot)
Fox Lake Small Victorian wooden depot built by the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad in 1884, with porte-cochère added in 1919. Served passengers including resort patrons until the 1950s and freight until 1970. Now a museum.
8 Willard Greenfield Farmstead
Willard Greenfield Farmstead
November 5, 1992
N-7436 WI Trunk Hwy. 26, Burnett Township
43°27′52″N 88°42′09″W / 43.464444°N 88.7025°W / 43.464444; -88.7025 (Willard Greenfield Farmstead)
Horicon Greek Revival-styled farmhouse built in 1862 by Greenfield, an immigrant from New York and one of the first settlers in Dodge County. Also 1891 fieldstone smokehouse, 1895 dairy barn, 1900 machine shed, 1920 poultry barn, 1920 corn crib, two concrete silos built in 1929 and 1930, and a 1935 2-hole privy.
9 Ferdinand C. Hartwig House
June 17, 1982
908 Country Lane
43°12′18″N 88°44′44″W / 43.205°N 88.745556°W / 43.205; -88.745556 (Ferdinand C. Hartwig House)
Watertown 2-story cream brick Italianate farmhouse with cupola built by Prussian immigrant Hartwig in 1864 at the center of his grain and cattle farm. Hartwig was an early producer of Holstein-Friesians, which started many herds in the area.
10 Hollenstein Wagon and Carriage Factory
Hollenstein Wagon and Carriage Factory
July 27, 1979
Bridge and German Sts.
43°29′46″N 88°32′32″W / 43.496111°N 88.542222°W / 43.496111; -88.542222 (Hollenstein Wagon and Carriage Factory)
Mayville Cream-brick house built around 1875 attached to a factory behind, operated by Swiss immigrant John Hollenstein, who built wagons, sleighs, buggies, coaches and omnibuses. Now a museum.
11 Horicon Site
Horicon Site
January 31, 1979
E of Waupun
12 Hotel Rogers
Hotel Rogers
March 2, 1989
103 E. Maple Ave.
43°27′26″N 88°50′12″W / 43.457222°N 88.836667°W / 43.457222; -88.836667 (Hotel Rogers)
Beaver Dam 6-story hotel designed by Richard R. Boyd in a somewhat Georgian Revival style and built in 1927 - the last and grandest hotel in Beaver Dam - a project headed by Fred W. Rogers of Monarch Ranges.
13 John Hustis House
John Hustis House
March 10, 1983
N. Ridge St.
43°20′49″N 88°36′05″W / 43.346944°N 88.601389°W / 43.346944; -88.601389 (John Hustis House)
Hustisford Simple Greek Revival home built in 1857 by Merrit Wiltse for Hustis, the founder of Hustisford, who lived there until 1907.
14 Hutchinson Memorial Library
November 15, 1990
228 N. High St.
43°32′23″N 89°00′23″W / 43.539722°N 89.006389°W / 43.539722; -89.006389 (Hutchinson Memorial Library)
Randolph Small-town library designed by Clas & Clas in Classical Moderne style and built in 1936, kick-started by a donation from Mary L. Morris.
15 Indian Point Site
Indian Point Site
September 13, 1990
Address Restricted
Fox Lake
16 Kekoskee Archeological District
Kekoskee Archeological District
August 16, 1994
Address Restricted
Kekoskee Several late Woodland sites on the eastern edge of Horicon Marsh, including an effigy mound in a seasonal base camp and two stockaded villages.
17 Kliese Housebarn
Kliese Housebarn
April 2, 2008
N366 Co. Rd. EM
43°12′24″N 88°40′03″W / 43.206667°N 88.6675°W / 43.206667; -88.6675 (Kliese Housebarn)
Emmet House and barn in one gable-roofed building, built around 1850 by Prussian immigrant Friedrich Kliese and his family. Walls are fachwerk and the house contains a black kitchen.
18 Main Street Historic District
Main Street Historic District
April 14, 1995
Roughly, 103 N. Main St.-126 S. Main St. and Bridge St. from Main to School St.
43°29′43″N 88°32′40″W / 43.495278°N 88.544444°W / 43.495278; -88.544444 (Main Street Historic District)
Mayville Mayville's old downtown, including the 1866 Italianate Reible building, the pre-1873 Commercial Vernacular Simonin-Wolff-Faust Building,the 1891 Classical Revival Ruedebusch Department Store, the 1897 Queen Anne Hamm building, and the 1915 Modernist First National Bank.
19 North Washington Street Historic District
North Washington Street Historic District
October 23, 2009
N. Church St. generally bounded by O'Connell and N. Green St., N. Washington St. bounded by O'Connell and Elm Sts.
43°11′51″N 88°43′44″W / 43.197369°N 88.728864°W / 43.197369; -88.728864 (North Washington Street Historic District)
Watertown Residential district with homes in various sizes and styles, unified by a lot of local cream brick. Examples include the 1849/1870 Italianate Kusel house, the 1855 simple front gable house at 423 N Church, the 1877 Second Empire Cody house, the 1894 Queen Anne Woodard house, the 1910 American Foursquare Schimmel house, the 1915 Craftsman Calhoun house, the 1929 Dutch Colonial Revival Baumann house, and the 1930 Tudor Revival Salick house.
20 Paramount Knitting Company Mill
Paramount Knitting Company Mill
February 4, 2011
222 Madison St.
43°27′18″N 88°50′28″W / 43.455°N 88.841111°W / 43.455; -88.841111 (Paramount Knitting Company Mill)
Beaver Dam 4-story knitting factory begun in 1883. Powered by the Beaver Dam River, it knit cotton until 1906 and hosiery from 1911 to 1934, when it closed during a strike.
21 Schoenicke Barn
Schoenicke Barn
September 19, 1979
NE of Watertown on Venus Rd.
43°15′14″N 88°35′02″W / 43.253889°N 88.583889°W / 43.253889; -88.583889 (Schoenicke Barn)
Watertown Scheune threshing barn built in 1855 by Prussian immigrant Gottlieb Schoenicke in Prussian Colonial style. Later converted to dairy.
22 Ferdinand Schulze House
Ferdinand Schulze House
January 11, 1996
N. 4262 Daley Rd.
43°20′51″N 88°35′44″W / 43.3475°N 88.595556°W / 43.3475; -88.595556 (Ferdinand Schulze House)
Hustisford Italianate cream brick house built 1872-74 by Schulze himself, a stonemason from Prussia. The basement contains barrel-vaulted cellar rooms. Also an 1870 bank barn with a frame of pegged beam and truss, and an 1870 granary.
23 St. Andrew's Church
St. Andrew's Church
January 27, 2010
W3081 County Highway Y
43°34′25″N 88°33′03″W / 43.573553°N 88.550767°W / 43.573553; -88.550767 (St. Andrew's Church)
LeRoy Rural Catholic church designed by Anton Dohmen in Gothic Revival style and built by the largely German community in 1901, with stained glass windows by Emil Frei Art Glass of St. Louis.
24 St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church
July 2, 1980
WI Q and Rich Rd.
43°14′28″N 88°47′16″W / 43.241111°N 88.787778°W / 43.241111; -88.787778 (St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church)
Shields Simple rural Catholic church designed in Country Church Gothic style by James Clancy of Hubbleton and built in 1864, a spiritual and social center of the German and Irish community.
25 St. Mark's Episcopal Church
St. Mark's Episcopal Church
November 28, 1980
130 E. Maple St.
43°27′29″N 88°50′05″W / 43.458056°N 88.834722°W / 43.458056; -88.834722 (St. Mark's Episcopal Church)
Beaver Dam Carpenter Gothic-styled church built in 1858 by Episcopal congregation, with board-and-batten exterior. Moved to current site in 1865.
26 Swan House and Vita Spring Pavilion
Swan House and Vita Spring Pavilion
April 9, 1980
230 Park Ave.
43°27′26″N 88°49′54″W / 43.457222°N 88.831667°W / 43.457222; -88.831667 (Swan House and Vita Spring Pavilion)
Beaver Dam Queen Anne house built 1889 for homeopath Dr. George Swan. The ornate pavilion is a remnant of the Vita Spring mineral spring spa, which Swan founded in 1880.
27 Daniel C. Van Brunt House
Daniel C. Van Brunt House
September 14, 1981
139 W. Lake St.
43°27′05″N 88°38′11″W / 43.451389°N 88.636389°W / 43.451389; -88.636389 (Daniel C. Van Brunt House)
Horicon Italianate house with a well tower which was once topped by a windmill. Built in 1858 for dentist William Decker, then occupied from 1868 by Van Brunt, a wagon builder who with his brother designed and built the first mechanical broadcast seeder marketed in the U.S. Later the Horicon Community Center.
28 Waupun Public Library
Waupun Public Library
September 4, 1979
22 S. Madison St.
43°37′57″N 88°43′48″W / 43.6325°N 88.73°W / 43.6325; -88.73 (Waupun Public Library)
Waupun Carnegie library designed with Gothic and Tudor Revival influences by H.A. Foeller of Green Bay and built in 1904. Now the Waupun Heritage Museum.
29 Weyenberg Shoe Factory
Weyenberg Shoe Factory
November 22, 2000
913 N. Spring St.
43°27′53″N 88°49′55″W / 43.464722°N 88.831944°W / 43.464722; -88.831944 (Weyenberg Shoe Factory)
Beaver Dam Intact four-story brick factory built in 1919 with many windows for natural light. Made shoes until 1994.
30 White Limestone School
White Limestone School
October 22, 1976
N. Main St. between Dayton and Buchanan Sts.
43°29′54″N 88°32′46″W / 43.498333°N 88.546111°W / 43.498333; -88.546111 (White Limestone School)
Mayville 2-story Greek Revival style school, built in 1857 from limestone quarried at Waupun and expanded with portico and cupola in 1876. Served as a public school for 125 years. Now a museum.
31 Williams Free Library
Williams Free Library
August 7, 1974
105 Park Ave.
43°27′21″N 88°50′12″W / 43.455833°N 88.836667°W / 43.455833; -88.836667 (Williams Free Library)
Beaver Dam Richardsonian Romanesque library with elaborate towers designed by Walter Holbrook and built in 1890. Now a museum.
32 Wisconsin State Prison Historic District
Wisconsin State Prison Historic District
January 22, 1992
200 S. Madison St.
43°37′47″N 88°43′56″W / 43.629722°N 88.732222°W / 43.629722; -88.732222 (Wisconsin State Prison Historic District)
Waupun Wisconsin's first state prison complex, begun shortly after statehood, designed Auburn-style with individual cells for prisoners, and built mostly with prisoner labor. Includes the 1855 1-story South Cell House, the 3-story 1855-58 Main Building, various other cell houses, the wall and guard towers, the 1894 Kitchen Addition, the 1909 Binder Twine Factory, the 1931 Auto Tags Plant, and other structures.
33 Zirbel-Hildebrandt Farmstead
Zirbel-Hildebrandt Farmstead
December 11, 2007
W1328-1330 WI 33
43°26′02″N 88°27′42″W / 43.433944°N 88.461656°W / 43.433944; -88.461656 (Zirbel-Hildebrandt Farmstead)
Herman Farm begun by immigrants from Pomerania, including the 1868/1878 Italianate-influenced John and Wilhelmine Zirbel house and its 1870 summer kitchen, the 1870 smokehouse, the 1868/1890 threshing/dairy barn, the 1900 privy, the 1902 American Foursquare Hildebrandt house and its 1902 summer kitchen, and various farm buildings, still quite intact and still in the family.

Former listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Dodge County Courthouse
March 9, 1982
March 6, 2001
220 E. State St.
Juneau 1878 courthouse designed in High Victorian style by H.C. Koch & Co. of Milwaukee, and demolished in 1995. R.R. Boyd designed a Modernist addition which was added in 1937.
2 Sock Road Bridge
Sock Road Bridge
September 6, 1978
March 4, 1982
Sock Road over the Beaver Dam River
43°21′07″N 88°50′00″W / 43.35200°N 88.83320°W / 43.35200; -88.83320 (Sock Road Bridge)
Lowell Cast iron overhead truss bridge built by E. Kunert Mfg in 1893, with iron ornamentation on top. Demolished and replaced in 1980.
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