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National Register of Historic Places listings in Fulton County, Kentucky facts for kids

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Map of Kentucky highlighting Fulton County
Location of Fulton County in Kentucky

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Fulton County, Kentucky.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Fulton County, Kentucky, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in a map.

There are 16 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Adams Site (15FU4)
March 15, 1984
Southern side of Bayou de Chien, northeast of Hickman
36°36′05″N 89°06′16″W / 36.601389°N 89.104444°W / 36.601389; -89.104444 (Adams Site (15FU4))
Hickman Also known as "Fort Bayou de Chien" or the "Roberts Mounds"; Fulton County's largest mound complex
2 Amburg Mounds Site (15FU15)
December 31, 1985
Southwest of Hickman
36°32′43″N 89°14′40″W / 36.545278°N 89.244444°W / 36.545278; -89.244444 (Amburg Mounds Site (15FU15))
Hickman Two Woodland period mounds several miles west of Hickman
3 Buchanan Street Historic District
Buchanan Street Historic District
August 3, 1990
Roughly bounded by Wellington, Obion, Buchanan, and Union Sts.
36°34′13″N 89°11′46″W / 36.570278°N 89.196111°W / 36.570278; -89.196111 (Buchanan Street Historic District)
4 Carnegie Library
Carnegie Library
August 3, 1990
Moscow Ave. between Troy Ave. and 3rd St.
36°34′18″N 89°11′07″W / 36.571667°N 89.185278°W / 36.571667; -89.185278 (Carnegie Library)
5 Carr Historic District
Carr Historic District
May 2, 2001
Roughly bounded by Carr, 4th, W. State Line and West Sts.
36°30′18″N 88°52′52″W / 36.505°N 88.881111°W / 36.505; -88.881111 (Carr Historic District)
6 Ben F. Carr Jr. House
Ben F. Carr Jr. House
July 16, 1979
203 2nd St.
36°30′13″N 88°52′47″W / 36.503611°N 88.879722°W / 36.503611; -88.879722 (Ben F. Carr Jr. House)
7 Confederate Memorial Gateway in Hickman
Confederate Memorial Gateway in Hickman
July 17, 1997
Hickman City Cemetery, 0.5 miles south of the junction of Kentucky Routes 125 and 199
36°33′30″N 89°10′40″W / 36.558333°N 89.177778°W / 36.558333; -89.177778 (Confederate Memorial Gateway in Hickman)
8 Confederate Memorial in Fulton
Confederate Memorial in Fulton
July 17, 1997
Fairview Cemetery, 2 blocks north of the junction of College and 5th Sts.
36°30′44″N 88°52′49″W / 36.512300°N 88.880139°W / 36.512300; -88.880139 (Confederate Memorial in Fulton)
9 Fulton County Courthouse
Fulton County Courthouse
April 22, 1976
Off KY 94
36°34′18″N 89°11′38″W / 36.571667°N 89.193889°W / 36.571667; -89.193889 (Fulton County Courthouse)
10 Fulton Downtown Historic District
Fulton Downtown Historic District
August 1, 2003
Park of Carr, Commercial, Lake, Main and Walnut Sts.
36°30′16″N 88°52′31″W / 36.504444°N 88.875278°W / 36.504444; -88.875278 (Fulton Downtown Historic District)
11 Old Hickman Historic District
Old Hickman Historic District
August 3, 1990
Roughly bounded by Clinton, Exchange, Obion, Moulton, and Kentucky Sts.
36°34′20″N 89°11′42″W / 36.572222°N 89.195°W / 36.572222; -89.195 (Old Hickman Historic District)
12 Running Slough Site (15FU67)
December 5, 1985
Along Running Slough on the eastern edge of the Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge
36°31′00″N 89°17′50″W / 36.516667°N 89.29722°W / 36.516667; -89.29722 (Running Slough Site (15FU67))
13 Sassafras Ridge Site (15FU3)
Sassafras Ridge Site (15FU3)
November 23, 1984
Fish Pond Rd., west of Hickman
36°34′34″N 89°19′13″W / 36.576111°N 89.320278°W / 36.576111; -89.320278 (Sassafras Ridge Site (15FU3))
14 Thomas Chapel C.M.E. Church
Thomas Chapel C.M.E. Church
January 9, 1979
Moscow Ave.
36°34′17″N 89°11′21″W / 36.571389°N 89.189167°W / 36.571389; -89.189167 (Thomas Chapel C.M.E. Church)
15 White Site (15FU24)
March 21, 1988
0.8 miles (1.3 km) north of the Adams Site
36°36′47″N 89°06′05″W / 36.613056°N 89.101389°W / 36.613056; -89.101389 (White Site (15FU24))
16 Jesse Whitesell House
Jesse Whitesell House
August 29, 1977
West of Fulton on Kentucky Route 116; also Kentucky Route 116 west of the Purchase Parkway
36°30′10″N 88°54′07″W / 36.502778°N 88.901944°W / 36.502778; -88.901944 (Jesse Whitesell House)
Fulton West of the Parkway represents a boundary increase of February 4, 2009, the Jesse Whitesell Farm, which extends into Obion County, Tennessee

Former listing

Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Vendome Opera House
Main and Commercial Sts.
Fulton Demolished in 1975.
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