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National Register of Historic Places listings in Todd County, Minnesota facts for kids

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Map of Minnesota highlighting Todd County
Location of Todd County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Todd County, Minnesota. It is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Todd County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 13 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Bank of Long Prairie
Bank of Long Prairie
September 5, 1985
262 Central Ave.
45°58′28″N 94°51′40″W / 45.974355°N 94.861182°W / 45.974355; -94.861182 (Bank of Long Prairie)
Long Prairie 1903 commercial building constructed for Todd County's leading bank, with a Romanesque/Classical Revival design by Omeyer & Thori.
2 Batcher Opera House Block
Batcher Opera House Block
August 11, 2004
5th St. and 2nd Ave.
46°21′19″N 94°47′38″W / 46.355407°N 94.793896°W / 46.355407; -94.793896 (Batcher Opera House Block)
Staples 1907 theatre building that provided a cultural venue for everything from vaudeville plays to fine opera, as well as community events.
3 Bridge No. L7075
April 12, 2016
290th St. over Turtle Creek, 0.1 mi. east of CSAH 25
46°02′57″N 94°48′46″W / 46.049089°N 94.812882°W / 46.049089; -94.812882 (Bridge No. L7075)
Hartford Township NPS Rustic/Neoclassical bridge built by the Works Progress Administration circa 1940 and expanded around 1942; a distinctive three-span example of the era's arch bridges with a modular iron-plate substructure and masonry façade.
4 Dr. George R. Christie House
Dr. George R. Christie House
December 27, 2006
15 1st St. S
45°58′32″N 94°51′51″W / 45.975589°N 94.864175°W / 45.975589; -94.864175 (Dr. George R. Christie House)
Long Prairie 1901 house and office of Todd County's first licensed physician. Now a house museum.
5 Church of St. Joseph-Catholic
Church of St. Joseph-Catholic
September 5, 1985
Main St. between 7th and 8th Sts.
46°05′12″N 94°52′04″W / 46.086719°N 94.867745°W / 46.086719; -94.867745 (Church of St. Joseph-Catholic)
Browerville Baroque Revival church built 1908–9 for a large Polish immigrant congregation.
6 Germania Hall
Germania Hall
November 29, 1995
40430 County Highway 11
46°12′58″N 94°58′05″W / 46.21623°N 94.968017°W / 46.21623; -94.968017 (Germania Hall)
Germania Township Rare surviving example of a rural community band performance hall, built 1917; also significant as a longstanding meeting hall for Germania Township.
7 Grey Eagle Village Hall
Grey Eagle Village Hall
September 5, 1985
Spruce and Woodman Sts.
45°49′26″N 94°44′53″W / 45.823768°N 94.747961°W / 45.823768; -94.747961 (Grey Eagle Village Hall)
Grey Eagle Exemplary 1934 municipal hall built by the Civil Works Administration.
8 Hewitt Public School
Hewitt Public School
December 27, 2006
514 N. Wisconsin St.
46°19′40″N 95°05′02″W / 46.327682°N 95.084015°W / 46.327682; -95.084015 (Hewitt Public School)
Hewitt Public school in service 1911–1952, central to Hewitt's education and social history, hosting kindergarten through high school, civic events, and a variety of social services. Now the Hewitt Museum & Library.
9 Hotel Reichert
Hotel Reichert
September 5, 1985
20 3rd St., N.
45°58′28″N 94°51′37″W / 45.974355°N 94.860195°W / 45.974355; -94.860195 (Hotel Reichert)
Long Prairie Sophisticated first-class hotel built 1902–3, marking a key amenity in Long Prairie's growth.
10 Kahlert Mercantile Store
Kahlert Mercantile Store
September 5, 1985
545 Main St. S.
46°05′07″N 94°52′01″W / 46.085151°N 94.866938°W / 46.085151; -94.866938 (Kahlert Mercantile Store)
Browerville 1883 false-fronted store, a highly intact example of the vernacular commercial buildings initially constructed in railroad boomtowns.
11 Northern Pacific Railway Depot and Freighthouse
Northern Pacific Railway Depot and Freighthouse
June 4, 2008
1st Ave., N. and 4th St., NE.
46°21′16″N 94°47′44″W / 46.354502°N 94.795548°W / 46.354502; -94.795548 (Northern Pacific Railway Depot and Freighthouse)
Staples Two 1900s buildings of a Northern Pacific Railway division headquarters, featuring a well-preserved example of Northern Pacific's depot architecture.
12 Saint Cloud and Red River Valley Stage Road-Kandota Section
Saint Cloud and Red River Valley Stage Road-Kandota Section
August 30, 1991
Off County Highway 92 southeast of West Union
45°46′28″N 95°00′11″W / 45.774464°N 95.002969°W / 45.774464; -95.002969 (Saint Cloud and Red River Valley Stage Road-Kandota Section)
Kandota Township 250-yard (230 m) fragment of a key stagecoach road established in 1859, a reminder of the stagecoach companies' founding role in laying down the state's overland travel routes.
13 Todd County Courthouse, Sheriff's House, and Jail
Todd County Courthouse, Sheriff's House, and Jail
September 5, 1985
215 1st Ave., S.
45°58′21″N 94°51′41″W / 45.972614°N 94.861338°W / 45.972614; -94.861338 (Todd County Courthouse, Sheriff's House, and Jail)
Long Prairie Long-serving county government complex with an 1883 Italianate courthouse.
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