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NiziU is one of the girls idol groups. In the word NiziU, “Nizi” means the symbol of the audition project, and “U” means you, that is to say, members and people who like this group. In the group, there are nine members.


Japanese music company called “Sony Music” and Korean entertainment agency called “JYP” began a project called “ Nizi Project”. This is an audition program, and it was held in Japan and Korea. The producer of NiziU is J.Y Park (박진영). He is a record producer, and founder of the JYP and also one of the singers in Korean. He is famous as a wheeler-producer. There are a lot of artists who became big artists thanks to him.


In the group, there are nine members. They were elected from 100,000 people.

(Name)               (Birthday)

MAKO     April 4th, 2001        She is a leader in this group.   

RIO               February 4th, 2002         She is good at dancing.

MAYA            April 8th, 2002               She seems very mature.  

RIKU             October 26th, 2002        She had played Karate for almost seven years.  

AYAKA          June 20th, 2003             She never had experienced either singing or dancing.  

MAYUKA       November 13th, 2003    She can play the ocarina.

RIMA             March 26th, 2004           She is good at rap.

MI-I-HI           August 12th, 2004          She was an original JYP trainee.

NINA             February 27th, 2005        She is a half American and half Japanese girl.



  • Make You Happy

This is one of the songs in the Digital Mini Album. It is famous for being used in the nizi project. The song was released as the pre-debut song on only music streaming. The release day was before their debut. However the album became a big hit.  Also the dance of this song is very famous for “Nawatobi Dance”.

  • Step and a Step

This is the first debut single. It was released on December 2nd in 2020. The dance is famous for “Rabbit Dance”. The high point of this song means that it’s ok to make progress on our own pace if the pace is slower than other people. The lyrics mean we don’t need to be upset about the  people’s step around us.


  • LOTTE [Fit’s] ( December 8th, 2020 - )
  • Coca-Cola ( December 14th, 2020 - )
  • KOSE ( January 16th, 2020 - )

Record of Awards

  • Best Dance Video Award - MTV VMAJ 2020
  • Special Award - The 62nd Japan Record Awards
  • VOGUE JAPAN Women of the Year 2020  


People who love this group and members are called “WithU”. “U” means, of course, you ( = fans ), and that fans usually think of NiziU. Also, there is a meaning behind “WithU”. It is that NiziU works toward the world with fans.

Additional point

In addition to the above information, there are the featuring guide videos on YouTube. The featuring videos are the lecture videos of shouts and calls during the song. In the video, NiziU members lecture the shouts and calls for “WithU”, which they want “WithU” to sing the song together during their performance. “WithU” can find pleasure in the moment with NiziU members.

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