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Northern dwarf tree frog
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Conservation status
Scientific classification
Litoria bicolor distrib.png
Range of the northern dwarf tree frog in Australia.
  • Hyla bicolor Oken, 1816
  • Eucnemis bicolor Gray, 1842
  • Hyperolius bicolor Günther, 1859
  • Rappia (Hyperolius) bicolor Parker, 1881
  • Hylella bicolor Boulenger, 1882
  • Hyla bicolor bicolor Copland, 1957
  • Litoria bicolor Tyler, 1971
  • Dryomantis bicolor Wells and Wellington, 1985

The northern dwarf tree frog, dwarf tree frog, lined grass frog, green reed frog, Pandan frog, bicolored grass frog or northern sedge frog (Litoria bicolor) is a tree frog from Australia. It lives all along the coast of northern Australia.

Adult frogs are about 3 cm long. They have a little bit of webbing on their front feet and more webbing on their hind feet. They are green with a bronze stripe over each eye going down their bodies. There is a white stripe under the bronze stripe. The youngest frogs are brown but they turn green as they grow older.

They live in wetlands with large numbers of plants in them, sometimes near humans.

They lay eggs in small groups attached to plants just under the surface of the water. The tadpoles can grow to 5 cm long and take two and a half months to start becoming frogs.

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