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Nuclear weapon programs worldwide 2
World map with nuclear weapons development status represented by color.      Five "nuclear weapons states" from the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty)      Other known nuclear powers      States suspected of being in the process of developing nuclear weapons and/or nuclear programs      States which at one point had nuclear weapons and/or nuclear weapons research programs      States capable of developing nuclear weapons within several years if the decision to do so were made
Libya centrifuges 2003 (at Y12)
In 2003, Libya admitted that the nuclear weapons-related material including these centrifuges, known as Pak-1, were acquired from Pakistan

Nuclear proliferation is when a country starts making nuclear objects. On the right is a map showing who has nuclear reactors and weapons, and who could have them. When a country starts making nuclear weapons, they become a nuclear power.

Dual use technology

Dual use technology means to the possibility of military use of civilian nuclear technology for generating electricity. Many technologies and materials associated with the creation of a nuclear electricity program have a dual-use capability. These items can be used to make nuclear weapons if a country chooses to do so. When this happens a nuclear electricity program can lead to making atomic bombs. The crisis over Iran’s nuclear activities is an example.

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