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M4 Inbusschraube focusstacked
A nut threaded onto an Allen key socket head screw

A nut is a type of fastener with a threaded hole. Nuts are almost always used with a mating bolt to fasten parts together. Thus "nut and bolt" or "nuts and bolts" are term which recognise their pairing.

Like bolt heads, their shape is usually hexagonal, because this is best for gripping with tools. Nuts are graded with strength ratings like their respective bolts. For example, an ISO property class 10 nut can support the bolt proof strength load of an ISO property class 10.9 bolt without stripping its thread (the inside spiral groove).


Left to right: Wing, hex, hex flange, and slab weld nuts.
Left to right: Slotted, square (upper) , T-nut (lower) , cap (or acorn), nylon locking (top and side views), and castellated nuts.
Hexagon nuts
Hexagon nuts.
Name Image Description
Acorn nut (cap nut) Domed cap nut.jpg
Barrel nut Quergewindebolzen QD-M6-7,5-13x16,2.jpg
Cage nut Kafigmutter.jpg
Clip-on nut (J-nut or U-nut)
Coupling nut Coupling Nut.svg
Cross dowel Cross dowel.png
Flange nut (collar nut) Serrated hex flange nut.jpg
Insert nut Rampamuffe (klein).jpg
Knurled nut (Knurled nut or Thumb nut) Knurled nuts, Lexington MA.jpg
Sex bolt Sleeve nuts.jpg
Split nut
Sleeve nut
Square nut Square nuts from Ace Hardware, Concord MA.jpg
Staked/welded nut (for plastic)
Swage nut 17-SwageNuts.JPG
T-nut Inslagmoer.JPG
T-slot nut (T-groove or T-slot nut) CAD model of a T-Nut 1.png
Weld nut Slab base weld nut.png
Well nut
Wing nut Wingnut-hardware.jpg

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