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Biser glavica
Highest point
Elevation 1,402 m (4,600 ft)
Location  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Parent range Dinaric Alps

Očauš is a mountain in central Bosnia. Most of it is in the municipalities of Kotor Varoš and Teslić. It is 1,402 metres (4,600 feet) high (Mihailovac peak).

Očauš extends in the southeast - northwest, between the river basins of Vrbanja river and Ukrina. It is rich in forest goods and pastures. Villages and hamlets on this mountain include Upper Očauš, Lower Očauš, Mihajlovačka kosa, Tavani, Ðurđevac, Kilavac, Lepenica, Dolovi, Ceranska kosa, Počivala, Glavička kosa and Mosor.

Očauš is rich in water resources: water wells, streams and rivers.

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