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Oleg the Seer
Grand Prince of Kiev
Oleg of Novgorod.jpg
Oleg of Novgorod by Viktor Vasnetsov
Reign 879–912
Predecessor Rurik (as Prince of Novgorod)
Askold (as Grand Prince of Kiev)
Successor Igor
Born 845?
Died 912 (aged 66–67)
Burial Kiev or Staraya Ladoga
Dynasty Rurik
Religion Old Norse Religion

Oleg of Novgorod (Old East Slavic: Ѡлегъ; Old Norse: Helgi; Russian: Олег Вещий Oleg Veshchy "Oleg the Prophet"; Ukrainian: Олег Віщий) was a Varangian prince (or konung) who ruled all or part of the Rus' people during the late 9th and early 10th centuries.

He is credited by Rus' Chronicles with moving from either Staraya Ladoga (Old Norse: Aldeigjuborg) or Novgorod the Great, and seizing power in Kiev (Kyiv) from Askold, and, by doing so, laying the foundation of the powerful state of Kievan Rus'. He also launched at least one attack on Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire. According to East Slavic chronicles, Oleg was the supreme ruler of the Rus' from 879 to 912.

This traditional dating has been challenged by some historians, who point out that it is inconsistent with such other sources as the Schechter Letter, which mentions the activities of a certain khagan HLGW (Hebrew: הלגו usually transcribed Helgu) of Rus' as late as the 940s, during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Romanus I. The nature of Oleg's relationship with the Rurikid ruling family of the Rus', and specifically with his successor Igor of Kiev, is a matter of much controversy among historians.

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