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Package or packaging can mean:

  • a container such as a box or parcel
  • Software package, in computing, a type of file format where software programs and installation material are grouped together
    • Java package, a concept in computer programming where related classes and interfaces are grouped together
  • Chip carrier, in electronics, the material added around a component or integrated circuit so it can be handled without damage and put into a circuit
  • Automotive package, in automobile building and advertising, a group of features all sold together
  • Package holiday, in tourism, a holiday or package tour where travel and accommodations are advertised and sold together
  • Movie packaging, in movie industry terminology, when a top talent agency starts a film or television project using its own talent
  • Media packaging, a set of clips about one particular story, often used in news broadcasts and narrated by an anchor or a field reporter
  • as a verb, meaning packing
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