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Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon – Ultra Legends
Season 22 logo.png
Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon: Ultra Legends international logo.
Country of origin Japan
No. of episodes 54
Original network TV Tokyo
Original release October 21, 2018 (2018-10-21) – November 3, 2019 (2019-11-03)

The twenty-second season of the Pokémon animated series, and the concluding season of Pocket Monsters: Sun & Moon (ポケットモンスター サン&ムーン, Poketto Monsutā: San & Mūn) in Japan is titled Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon – Ultra Legends internationally, and it originally aired in Japan from October 21, 2018 to November 3, 2019 on TV Tokyo. This season follows the final adventures of Ash Ketchum and his classmates at the Pokémon school in the Alola region. The season premiered in the United States from March 23, 2019 to March 7, 2020 on Disney XD, as it was the last season to air on television in the country. Starting with season 23 (Journeys), the English dub moved to online streaming releases via Netflix in the United States.

The Japanese opening song is "Your Adventure" (キミの冒険, Kimi no Bōken) by Taiiku Okazaki. The ending songs are "Notebook of the Heart" (心のノート, Kokoro no Nōto) by the Hino City Nanaomidori Elementary School Choir and "Type: Wild" (タイプ:ワイルド, Taipu: Wairudo) by Shoko Nakagawa. The English opening song is "The Challenge of Life" performed by Dani Marcus and the Sad Truth. Its instrumental version serves as the ending theme.


J# E# English title
Japanese title
Original air date English air date
1034 1027 "Lillier and the Staff!"  (The Hero Lilliel and the Alolan Cane!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ October 21, 2018 (2018-10-21) March 23, 2019 ʁ ʁ
The Pokémon School is putting on a play written by Rotom, and the group and all their Pokémon are participating. However, everyone's family has been invited, including Ash's mother, which makes the group nervous. To make things worse, a copy of the script winds up in Jessie's hands, causing Team Rocket to barge in. Meanwhile, an unusual and independent Eevee being chased by a Houndour winds up on board a cruise ship that has just left port.
1035 1028 "A Haunted House for Everyone!"  (Ghost Pokémon Everywhere! Everyone's Haunted House!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ October 28, 2018 (2018-10-28) March 24, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Lana's sisters Harper and Sarah learn about haunted houses and decide that they want to go to one. However, with none in the region, the group and the visiting Acerola and her Mimmikyu decide to make one at the Pokémon School. However, when it's set up, a group of Ghost-type Pokémon, attracted by Mimmikins, soon appear and drag the group into a mystery world. Meanwhile, a playful Wailord causes some crates (inside one of which Eevee is napping) to fall overboard from the cruise ship; finding itself literally at sea, a panicked Eevee falls overboard and is rescued by a Mantine.
1036 1029 "Sparking Confusion!"  (Wela Volcano: Golone, Golonya and the Hikers!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ November 4, 2018 (2018-11-04) March 25, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Some strange signals have started coming from Wela Volcano which are interfering with the process Lusamine uses to track the Ultra Wormholes so she sends the Ultra Guardians to Wela Volcano to investigate. However, instead of finding more Ultra Beasts, they instead find a group of rock hunters with an Alolan Geodude and Graveler who appear to be illegally mining Spark Stones, the food of the local Rock Pokémon. Meanwhile Eevee and Mantine are travelling together and having a great time.
1037 1030 "Don't Ignore the Small Stufful!"  (Rocket-Dan and Nuikoguma!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ November 11, 2018 (2018-11-11) March 26, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Since Burnet forgot to take her lunch to work at Aether Paradise, Ash hitches a ride with Lillie to go there to deliver it. However, when there, they found that Team Rocket has once again managed to get inside Aether Paradise with a nefarious plan to steal all the Pokémon being conserved there. To top it off, a Stufful from Aether Paradise has gone missing. Meanwhile, Eevee and Mantine have arrived at an island; after saying goodbye to its friend and chasing after a Wimpod, Eevee makes itself at home.
1038 1031 "No Stone Unturned!"  (Fukuthrow the Master!!! Mokuroh the Sleeperzzz) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ November 18, 2018 (2018-11-18) March 27, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Ash has decided to explore more of Melemele Island and runs into a trainer called Hau, who turns out to be the grandson of Island Kahuna Hala. Hau mentions that he and his partner Dartrix are currently training for the Melemele Island Grand Trial and gets excited when he learns that Ash has already completed it. After seeing Rowlet's evolved form, Ash challenges Hau to a battle, but through an accident he and Rowlet end up losing. Hau agrees to a rematch the next day; can Ash and Rowlet come up with a new move to defeat Dartrix? Meanwhile, an unfortunate attempt to play with a Pyukumuku causes Eevee to meet Pikachu and the Pokémon gang.
1039 1032 "Bright Lights, Big Changes!"  (The Duo Splits Up!? Satoshi and Rotom) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ November 25, 2018 (2018-11-25) March 28, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Ash, his Pokémon and Rotom are visiting the set for Rotom's favorite Detective TV show. However, when Rotom notices a plot-hole, it barges onto the set during filming and shows off its complete knowledge of the show causing Ash to panic. In doing so, Rotom catches the eye of the producer, who decides to cast Rotom in the show, which may mean Rotom and Ash parting ways. Meanwhile, Eevee has had the best day ever playing with Pikachu and the Pokémon gang, but when they finally have to go home Eevee feels lonely.
1040 1033 "We Know Where You're Going, Eevee!"  (Where is Eievui Going? To the End of the World for the Sake of a Meeting!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ December 2, 2018 (2018-12-02) March 29, 2019 ʁ ʁ
After a long voyage, Eevee has made it to Alola and been befriended by Pikachu and the gang's various Pokémon. Now it's lonely and wants to find its new friends. While searching, Eevee sees Popplio with Lana and follows them; however, it is spotted by the local Alolan Persian, who starts chasing it. When Popplio spots Eevee being chased, it follows to help. To make matters worse, the Team Skull grunts have also spotted Eevee, decide they want it and start fighting over it, causing Ash and the gang to come to Eevee's aid. After being rescued, Eevee decides that it wants Lana as its trainer and partner, and is given the nickname "Sandy" by her.
1041 1034 "Battling the Beast Within!"  (The Lightning that Blocks Wind! Its name is Zeraora) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ December 9, 2018 (2018-12-09) March 30, 2019 ʁ ʁ
While training for a possible Poni Island Grand Trial, Ash and Pikachu once again encounters Tapu Koko and ask it for a battle. The clashing electric attacks create a portal that drags Ash and Pikachu into a mysterious world, one which has been destroyed and left in ruins. They discover that this is the world of the mysterious Ultra Beast, Guzzlord. Guzzlord attacks them, but a mysterious trainer and a Zeraora comes to their rescue.
1042 1035 "Parallel Friendships!"  (Fire it Off! The Twin Gigavolt Havoc of Friendship!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ December 16, 2018 (2018-12-16) April 6, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Ash and Pikachu find themselves in front of the Pokémon School, but in a parallel dimension. Dia, the mysterious trainer, and Zeraora are determined to continue their fight against Guzzlord, who is responsible for all the destruction in this version of Hau'oli City. Even though Dia and Zeraora don't seem receptive to the idea, Ash comes up with a plan for all of them to combine their attacks to stop Guzzlord and possibly send it back through the Ultra Wormhole.
1043 1036 "Alola, Alola!"  (An Alola in Alola! Takeshi and Kasumi!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ December 23, 2018 (2018-12-23) April 20, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Ash's old friends Brock and Misty have come to Alola to visit. While Brock studies the workings of the local Pokémon Center, Ash and the gang show Misty all the hotspots, including the pancake shop, the jewelry accessories shop and even go Mantine Surfing to Treasure Island. However, Team Rocket soon shows up with a new plan and a new mecha to steal everyone's Pokémon.
1044 1037 "Heart of Fire! Heart of Stone!"  (A Passionate Heart That Smashes Even Rocks! Lychee and Takeshi!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ January 6, 2019 (2019-01-06) April 27, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Ash, Brock, Misty and the gang decide to go to Akala Island so Brock can meet Island Kahuna Olivia, on whom Brock has developed a major crush. Naturally, when they do meet up with Olivia, Brock immediately falls madly in love with her, leaving Olivia a bit bewildered. When Olivia learns that Brock is a former Rock-type Gym Leader, she challenges him to a battle, which is interrupted by Team Rocket.
1045 1038 "That's Some Spicy Island Research!"  (Poni Island Research Project! Search for the Island King!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ January 13, 2019 (2019-01-13) May 4, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Ash and the gang travel to Poni Island to work on various research projects. Ash's project is to complete his Final Grand Trial and decides to look for the Island Kahuna, but after learning that there currently isn't one he's not sure what to do. Soon afterwards, a trainer named Hapu appears and attacks Ash, thinking that he's stolen some vegetables from her field, despite it actually being the work of Team Skull.
1046 1039 "Showdown on Poni Island!"  (Decisive Lugarugan Battle! Satoshi VS Glazio!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ January 20, 2019 (2019-01-20) May 11, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Ash once again asks Hapu to battle him but she angrily refuses. Gladion appears on Poni Island and states that he's there to meet Tapu Fini. As Lillie and Gladion talk, Gladion brings up their father; they then agree to face each other in a battle, but it is broken up before it can begin by Ash (who arrives via a kick from Hapu's Mudsdale). Ash challenges Gladion to a battle: Midnight Lycanroc vs. Dusk Lycanroc.
1047 1040 "Evolving Research!"  (We Have a Sea and We Have a Valley! Great Intensive Pokémon Evolution Training!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ January 27, 2019 (2019-01-27) June 1, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Sophocles decides that his Poni Island project will be to evolve his Charjabug, so Hapu tells him that the electrical energy around Vast Poni Canyon will allow him to do so. Ash, Kiawe and Sophocles head to the canyon where they find Horacio, their rival from the Charjabug Race, and his group, who are there to for the same reason. Meanwhile, Lana decides to train her Popplio with her old friend Ida and her recently-evolved Primarina.
1048 1041 "Run, Heroes, Run!"  (Run Kaki! Surpass Yourself!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ February 3, 2019 (2019-02-03) June 8, 2019 ʁ ʁ
With no actual Island Challenge on Poni Island, Ash decides to battle Island Guardian Tapu Fini in place of the Challenge, so he and Kiawe rush to the Ruins of Hope. However, when Tapu Fini doesn't appear, Ash and Kiawe decide to battle to pass the time. Tapu Fini is angered by this and captures Ash and his Pokémon. A mysterious old man tells Kiawe that in order to free Ash and appease Tapu Fini, Kiawe must get an item from Tapu Lele on Akala Island and return with it to Poni Island before a certain time limit expires.
1049 1042 "Memories in the Mist!"  (Inside Kapu-Rehire's Mist) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ February 10, 2019 (2019-02-10) June 15, 2019 ʁ ʁ
After Ash and Kiawe tell everyone of their encounter with the old man at the Ruins of Hope, Hapu tells them that the Island Guardian of Poni Island has a special power which allows people to see and meet with loved ones that have long since passed from this world; hearing this, Mallow gets really upset. When the gang visit Hapu at her house, a mysterious mist comes from the Ruins of Hope. Ash, Mallow, Lillie, Gladion and their Pokémon try to make their way through it, but while Ash and Mallow each encounter a beloved figure from the past, Lillie and Gladion's search is in vain. Hapu goes to the Ruins of Hope to get Tapu Fini to stop, but ends up with an encounter of her own.
1050 1043 "A Grand Debut!"  (The Birth of an Island Queen! Satoshi's Grand Trial!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ February 17, 2019 (2019-02-17) June 22, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Following her standing up to Tapu Fini, Hapu has finally become the Island Kahuna of Poni Island, and Ash challenges her to her Grand Trial. Her trial requires Ash to battle her with just one Pokémon. With Hapu using her Mudsale, Ash and Pikachi face a tough battle.
1051 1044 "Keeping Your Eyes on the Ball!"  (Hole in One at PokéGolf!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ February 24, 2019 (2019-02-24) June 29, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Ash and the gang meet legendary Poké-golfer Kahili, who has been on a losing streak lately, and her Toucannon partner Touckey. It's the first time that the gang has seen Poké-Golf, a popular Alolan version of Golf in which both trainer and Pokémon must work together, and are fascinated, so they ask Kahili to teach them how to play.
1052 1045 "Show Me the Metal!"  (Arrival in Alola! Dripping Metal Panic!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ March 3, 2019 (2019-03-03) July 6, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Some mysterious and unknown Pokémon that eat metal have arrived on Melemele Island, and start wreaking havoc across the island, including eating the tools at the Pokémon School, the equipment in the Ultra Guardians' headquarters and James's precious bottle cap collection. James is enraged and decides to chase down this new Pokémon to get his revenge.
1053 1046 "Got Meltan?"  (Discovering a New Species! Get, Meltan!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ March 10, 2019 (2019-03-10) July 13, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Professor Oak has finished his research on the mysterious new Pokémon Ash reported and names it Meltan, a Steel-type. One of the Meltan has grown attached to Ash's Rowlet and stows away in Ash's backpack with Rowlet to join them all at the Pokémon School, but after an incident with a Murkrow, it loses its Hex-Nut. Rowlet tries to replace it but nothing he tries seems to work, so he and Meltan head out to find its Hex-Nut. However, they run into Team Rocket, who have found Meltan's Hex-Nut and are still after all the Meltan.
1054 1047 "This Magik Moment!"  (A New Program!? Melody of the Small Koiking) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ March 17, 2019 (2019-03-17) July 20, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Sophocles is on a TV quiz show, so Ash and the gang come to the station to cheer him on. While there, they see the filming of a series starring a Magikarp; however, the Magikarp seems to have something wrong with it. On another TV show, the regular actresses don't show up in time, which leads to Lana, Mallow and Lillie being cast as replacements.
1055 1048 "Beauty is Only Crystal Deep!"  (Beauty and Nyarth!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ March 24, 2019 (2019-03-24) July 27, 2019 ʁ ʁ
A new Ultra Beast, Pheromosa, has appeared and started attacking trainers and stealing their Z-Crystals. The Ultra Guardians are tasked with stopping Pheromosa. Pheromosa steals Team Rocket's Z-Crystals, but while trying to stop it Meowth falls in love with Pheromosa.
1056 1049 "The Dealer of Destruction!"  (Emperor of Destruction Guzma!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ March 31, 2019 (2019-03-31) August 3, 2019 ʁ ʁ
After much planning, Professor Kukui has finally announced the formation of a Pokémon League in Alola. While the rest of Alola (including Team Rocket) celebrates and gets ready, Team Skull's leader Guzma is enraged and decides that he will destroy the new Pokémon League, and heads over to the Pokémon School to confront Kukui. Before things can get ugly, Ash challenges Guzma to a battle with Pikachu vs. Guzma's Golisopod.
1057 1050 "The Secret Princess!"  (Lilie and the Secret Mechanical Princess!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ April 7, 2019 (2019-04-07) August 10, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Since their experience on Poni Island made them realize that their father Mohn is still alive, Lillie and Gladion return to Aether Paradise and go through their father's papers, hoping to find some clues. Back at the family mansion, Lusamine shows them Mohn's old office, where Lillie discovers her father's old Z-Ring and the inoperative Mythical Pokémon Magearna. Lillie goes to Kahuna Hala and asks for permission to use her father's Z-Ring, and they have a battle to see if Lillie can master Z-Moves.
1058 1051 "Drawn with the Wind!"  (Shaymin, Meltan, Nagisa! The Lost Explorers!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ April 14, 2019 (2019-04-14) August 17, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Ash and the gang travel to picturesque Malie City on Ula'ula Island. When a strong wind blows Mallow's hair ornament away, Shaymin chases after it, followed by Sandy and Meltan. Unfortunately, Team Rocket, who are also in Malie City, spots the trio and goes after them to catch them.
1059 1052 "Aiming for the Top Floor!"  (Aim for the Top Floor! The Explosive Dragon Gym!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ April 21, 2019 (2019-04-21) August 24, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Having learned about the Kantonian Gym in Malie City from their new friend Charlie Charma, Ash and the gang decide to visit it, but while the gym is supposed to be like a Kanto Gym, the rules are not quite the same: a challenger has to face one of the three Gym Trainers and Charlie on each floor in a "game" in order to reach the top floor. After only Ash and Kiawe make it to the top floor they find that the "Gym Leader", Dragon-type Trainer Ryuki, has a "rock star" battle style which quickly defeats Kiawe's Marowak. Rowlet starts off for Ash, but when Meltan jumps in to help its friend, it becomes a double-battle.
1060 1053 "A High-Speed Awakening!"  (Superspeed Kuwagannon! The Awakening of Māmane!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ April 28, 2019 (2019-04-28) August 31, 2019 ʁ ʁ

Sophocles and his rival Horatio have a re-match, only now in a Vikavolt race, with the Trainers directing via virtual reality headsets and a Buginium-Z crystal as First Prize. Team Rocket disguises Meowth as a Vikavolt with James directing, and breaks in on the action in order to steal all the competing Vikavolts.

  • Note: This is the last episode of the Pokémon anime to air in the Heisei Period.
1061 1054 "The One That Didn't Get Away!"  (Suiren Fishes a Kyogre!?) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ May 5, 2019 (2019-05-05) September 7, 2019 ʁ ʁ

While everyone else is Pokémon-fishing, Ash, Pikachu and Lana are walking on top of the sea inside Brionne's bubbles. During a race, they get pulled into a whirlpool caused by the Legendary Pokémon Kyogre, who has been poisoned, but as they try to cure Kyogre a group of Hunters attack and try to capture it.

  • Note: This is the first episode of the Pokémon anime to air in the Reiwa Period.
1062 1055 "A Recipe For Success!"  (Mao's Valiant Effort! The Forest Pokémon Café!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ May 12, 2019 (2019-05-12) September 14, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Mallow needs some special ingredients for her restaurant recipes, so she and Tsareena go to visit Orangaru at his Forest Cafe, where they find Team Rocket's Meowth chilling out. When the Cafe gets swamped with Pokémon customers, she immediately pitches in to help. Everything Mallow makes turns out delicious, but then Tapu-Koko turns up as a customer. Meanwhile, Island Kahuna Olivia pitches in as a replacement waitress at Mallow's family's restaurant.
1063 1056 "Spying For The Big Guy!"  (You're Being Watched! Rocket-Dan's Alola Forms!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ May 19, 2019 (2019-05-19) September 21, 2019 ʁ ʁ
After lying to Team Rocket Headquarters that they've captured Bewear, Team Rocket find that HQ has sent a team headed by Matori and the Alolan Meowth to locate them and bring back Bewear with them, which means Jessie, James and Meowth must come up with a plan to forestall this.
1064 1057 "A Fiery Training Camp Trick!"  (Master the Z-Move! Kaki's Fierce Boot Camp!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ May 26, 2019 (2019-05-26) September 28, 2019 ʁ ʁ
It's time to start training for the Alola Pokémon League, and Ash, Kiawe and Sophocles are using Kiawe's family's farm as their Z-Move training camp. Kiawe's Turtonator acts as big brother/trainer to everyone, especially Sophocles' Vikavolt and Kiawe's Marowak, but Sophocles' lack of stamina, battle experience and self-confidence may mean he won't be able to stay the course.
1065 1058 "Living on the Cutting Edge!"  (Perfect Sharpness! Kamiturugi has Arrived!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ June 2, 2019 (2019-06-02) October 5, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Several incidents have occurred all over Alola where objects have been mysteriously sliced to pieces. After some investigating, the culprit turns out to be the new Ultra Beast Kartana. The Ultra Guardians attempt to handle it but must also deal with a giant meteor heading straight for the Pokemon School.
1066 1059 "A Timeless Encounter!"  (Satoshi, Encounter Beyond Time!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ June 9, 2019 (2019-06-09) October 12, 2019 ʁ ʁ
On the same day that Professor Burnet finds an old photo of Professor Kukui as a boy with a Litten and Ash and his Pokémon are training in the forest, Celebi turns up in Alola and accidentally sends Ash and Torracat back into the past, where they meet a very excitable (and familiar) boy with a Litten, whom Ash nicknames "Roary" and who is awed by Ash's battling ability.
1067 1060 "Pikachu's Exciting Adventure!"  (Pikachu's Exciting Expedition!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ June 16, 2019 (2019-06-16) October 19, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Ash and Torracat have vanished, right in front of Pikachu, Rotom and the others, leading Ash's Pokemon to try and find them.
1068 1061 "Chasing Memories, Creating Dreams!"  (Gladio & Lillie! Chasing A Father's Phantom!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ June 23, 2019 (2019-06-23) October 26, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Everybody, including Team Rocket, is getting more and more excited about the approaching debut of the Alola Pokemon League. Lillie and Mallow, with everybody's encouragement, continue to train to master their Z-moves; Gladion continues his search for his and Lillie's missing father and meets an unexpected old friend; and The Masked Royal makes an announcement concerning the Alola League that stuns everybody.
1069 1062 "League Offenders and Defenders!"  (The Curtain Rides! Alola Pokémon League!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ June 30, 2019 (2019-06-30) November 2, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Ash and the gang have finally arrived at Manolo Stadium, the site of the new Alola League. However, Team Rocket and Team Skull are there as well, and Guzma is more determined than ever to destroy the Alola League.
1070 1063 "Battle Royal 151!"  (Brawl! Battle Royale 151!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ July 7, 2019 (2019-07-07) November 9, 2019 ʁ ʁ
The Alola League begins with a "Battle Royal" in which 151 trainers, each using only one Pokemon, will compete against each other, with all four Island Kahunas as referees and the last remaining 16 combatants moving on to Round Two.
1071 1064 "Battling Besties!"  (Mao and Suiren! Super Full-Force Friendship Battle!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ July 14, 2019 (2019-07-14) November 16, 2019 ʁ ʁ
The Top 16 are set and the Second Round is underway with Ash vs. Faba, Ilima vs. Guzma, Hau vs. Principal Oak and Mallow vs. Lana.
1072 1065 "The Battlefield of Truth and Love!"  (Musashi VS Kojirō! Battlefield of Truth and Love!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ July 21, 2019 (2019-07-21) November 23, 2019 ʁ ʁ
The Second Round continues with Sophocles vs. Mina, Kiawe vs. Acerola, Lillie vs. Gladion and Jessie vs. James.
1073 1066 "Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Strategy!"  (Overcome Junaiper!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ July 28, 2019 (2019-07-28) November 30, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Ash, Kiawe, Lana, Sophocles, Gladion, Hau, James and Guzma have all advanced to the quarter-finals. The first match is Gladion vs. James, and with the next match being Ash vs. Hau Rowlet gets special training from old friends.
1074 1067 "Battling on the Wing!"  (A Soaring Showdown! Brave Bird vs. Sky Attack!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ August 4, 2019 (2019-08-04) December 7, 2019 ʁ ʁ
The battle between Rowlet and Decidueye continues more fiercely than before, and both Pokémon and their trainers have already used their Z-moves. Meanwhile, Kiawe and Sophocles wait for their match to begin.
1075 1068 "The Road to the Semi-Finals!"  (Everybody's Fully Powered! The Road to the Semi-Finals!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ August 11, 2019 (2019-08-11) December 14, 2019 ʁ ʁ
Kiawe and Sophocles' battle continues. After this battle concludes comes the final Quarter-Finals battle: Lana and Primarina facing Guzma and Golisopod.
1076 1069 "The Final Four!"  (The Semi-Finals! Kaki vs. Gladio!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ August 18, 2019 (2019-08-18) December 21, 2019 ʁ ʁ
The opening match of the Semi-Finals is Kiawe vs. Gladion, but before the match Kiawe's little sister Mimo wanders off and runs into Team Skull. After Gladion rescues her, the battle between Kiawe and Gladion begins. First out is Kiawe's Marowak, then his Turtonator against Gladion's Lycanroc.
1077 1070 "Getting Down to the Ire!"  (Rising Fire! There's More Than One Rival!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ August 25, 2019 (2019-08-25) December 28, 2019 ʁ ʁ
The Kiawe/Gladion battle continues, with Turtonator now facing Gladion's Silvally, but Silvally proves too strong and Gladion advances to the Finals. As the battle between Ash and Guzma begins, Guzma sends out Scizor and Ash chooses Torracat. Just as the battle gets started, Guzma switches out and brings in Golisopod, but when Torracat begins to get the upper hand, Golisopod forcibly switches out with Scizor, who takes major damage.
1078 1071 "The Wisdom Not To Run!"  (Undefeated Emperor Guzma!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ September 1, 2019 (2019-09-01) January 4, 2020 ʁ ʁ
Scizor has been defeated and Guzma has only Golisopod. Torracat continues to battle, but eventually is defeated. Ash chooses Pikachu as his second Pokemon, but Golisopod proves to be a tough opponent. However, the secret behind Guzma's being undefeated is about to be revealed.
1079 1072 "Final Rivals!"  (The Finals! Ultimate Rival Showdown!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ September 8, 2019 (2019-09-08) January 11, 2020 ʁ ʁ
The night before the Finals, Delia, Mimey and Professor Oak arrive at Manolo to cheer for Ash. The wild Meltan also arrive, and with their help, to everyone's surprise, Meltan evolves into Melmetal! The next day is the Finals between Ash and Gladion, a 3-on-3 match. Gladio starts with Silvally and Melmetal makes its battle debut for Ash. When Silvally defeats Melmetal, Ash sends in Pikachu, who defeats Silvally. Gladion then sends in Lycanroc, who uses moves it shouldn't know how to use.
1080 1073 "Enter the Champion!!"  (The Rise of Alola's Champion!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ September 15, 2019 (2019-09-15) January 18, 2020 ʁ ʁ
Gladion's "Lycanroc" is revealed to be Zoroark. In a clash of Z-moves, both Zoroark and Pikachu are knocked out. Now comes the battle that will determine the very first Alola League Champion: Gladion's Midnight-type Lycanroc vs. Ash's Dusk-type Lycanroc.
1081 1074 "Z-Move Showdown!"  (Akuziking Invasion! The Great Z-Move Battle!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ September 22, 2019 (2019-09-22) January 25, 2020 ʁ ʁ
The very first Alola League Champion has been crowned, but before the celebrations can get underway, an Ultra Wormhole opens and a huge Ultra Beast crashes down which Ash and Pikachu recognize: Guzzlord! More Ultra Wormholes open and two more Guzzlords emerge. Ash and the gang, Gladion, Hau, The Masked Royal, Lusamine and the Aether Foundation team, the Island Kahunas, the Island Guardian Pokémon, Team Rocket, Bewear, their new Mecha-Bewear and a former Pokémon of Ash's must all band together to stop the Guzzlords before Manolo Island is destroyed.
1082 1075 "Exhibition Unmasked!"  (Final Battle! Satoshi vs. Kukui!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ September 29, 2019 (2019-09-29) February 1, 2020 ʁ ʁ
The Guzzlords have been sent back through the Ultra Wormholes, but The Masked Royal has been revealed as Professor Kukui! Now it's not just teacher vs. student but now Battle Dome Champion vs. Alola League Champion, in a 6-on-6 battle. The first Pokemon out are Torracat for Ash and Incineroar for Kukui. It's a fierce battle until Torracat overexerts himself and Ash switches him out with Lycanroc, who then injures Incineroar, forcing Kukui to switch him out with Braviary.
1083 1076 "A Full Battle Bounty!"  (Burn! Swell Up! Full Battle!!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ October 6, 2019 (2019-10-06) February 8, 2020 ʁ ʁ
Lycanroc is taken down by Braviary and is replaced by Rowlet, taking the battle to the air! Rowlet takes out Braviary and Kukui brings out Venusaur, who takes down Rowlet. Ash brings back Torracat, who takes out Venusaur. Ash recalls Torracat, and the next face-off is Kukui's Empoleon vs. Ash's Pikachu, but Ash then recalls Pikachu and sends in Melmetal, who knocks out Empoleon! Kukui sends in Incineroar, who defeats Melmetal. Kukui recalls Incineroar and sends out Lucario, but Ash sends out Naganadel.
1084 1077 "Fiery Surprises!"  (Conclusion! Gaogaen vs. Nyaheat!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ October 13, 2019 (2019-10-13) February 15, 2020 ʁ ʁ
Ash and Professor Kukui are both now down to three Pokemon, and the battle is now even fiercer and more fiery! After Naganadel takes down Lucario, Ash's Torracat and Kukui's Incineroar finally face off. The conclusion to this battle, which includes a clash of Inferno Overdrive Z-moves from both sides, stuns everyone, but then Tapu-Koko, who's been watching, enters the battlefield wanting to battle in place of Kukui's last Pokémon.
1085 1078 "From Z to Shining Z!"  (Alola's Strongest Z! Kapu-Kokeku VS Pikachu!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ October 20, 2019 (2019-10-20) February 22, 2020 ʁ ʁ
With Tapu-Koko itself now involved, Ash chooses Naganadel to face the Island Guardian, but Naganadel is defeated, and the one Tapu-Koko really wants to battle is waiting at Ash's side. This battle will only end with a clash of Ultimate Z-moves!
1086 1079 "Dreaming of the Sun and Moon!"  (The Sun, the Moon, and Everyone's Dreams!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ October 27, 2019 (2019-10-27) February 29, 2020 ʁ ʁ
With the end of the Inaugural Alola Pokémon League, life returns to normal, but as vacation draws near our friends must now decide what they're going to do with their lives and what their dreams are. Sophocles's is to become an astronaut; Lana's, to explore the oceans; Mallow's, to make her family restaurant even better; Kiawe's, to one day become the Akala Island Kahuna and Lillie's, to revive Magearna ... but what about Ash?
1087 1080 "Thank you Alola! The Journey Continues!"  (Thank You, Alola! The Start of New Journeys!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ November 3, 2019 (2019-11-03) March 7, 2020 ʁ ʁ
Ash has decided to leave Alola and return to Pallet Town, but he can't quite bring himself to tell the others. Lillie, Gladion and Lusamine will also be leaving Alola soon to find Mohn. In addition, Team Rocket has been ordered back to Headquarters and the time to part ways with Mimikyu, Mareanie, Bewear and Stufful is rapidly approaching.

Home Media releases

Viz Media and Warner Home Video released a 2-disc volume containing the first 18 episodes of the series in the United States on September 8, 2020.