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Pseudophryne australis.jpg
The Red-crowned Toadlet (Pseudophryne australis)
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Family: Myobatrachidae
Subfamily: Myobatrachinae
Genus: Pseudophryne
Fitzinger, 1843

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Pseudophryne distribution.png
The distribution of Pseudophryne (in black).

Pseudophryne is a genus of small myobatrachid frogs. All of these frogs are small terrestrial frogs, and as such, most species are commonly called toadlets (pseudo- meaning deceptive, phryne meaning toad). The genus comprises thirteen species, ten from eastern Australia, and three from Western Australia. Species within the genus Pseudophryne lay their eggs on moist ground. The tadpoles develop within the eggs, and once they reach hatching size, will become dormant. Once sufficient rain occurs to flush the eggs into a creek or river, the eggs will hatch and release tadpoles into the water. Many of the species within this genus have the ability to form hybrids.


The following species are recognised in the genus Pseudophryne:

Common name Binomial name
Red-crowned toadlet Pseudophryne australis (Gray, 1835)
Bibron's toadlet Pseudophryne bibronii Günther, 1859
Red-backed toadlet Pseudophryne coriacea Keferstein, 1868
Corroboree frog Pseudophryne corroborree Moore, 1953
Magnificent brood frog Pseudophryne covacevichae, Ingram and Corben, 1994
Southern toadlet Pseudophryne dendyi Lucas, 1892
Douglas' toadlet Pseudophryne douglasi Main, 1964
Günther's toadlet Pseudophryne guentheri Boulenger, 1882
Large toadlet Pseudophryne major Parker, 1940
Orange-crowned toadlet Pseudophryne occidentalis Parker, 1940
Northern corroboree frog Pseudophryne pengilleyi Wells and Wellington, 1985
Copper-backed brood frog Pseudophryne raveni Ingram and Corben, 1994
Central Ranges toadlet Pseudophryne robinsoni Donnellan, Mahony, and Bertozzi, 2012
Southern toadlet Pseudophryne semimarmorata Lucas, 1892
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