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"Puya Mei Thaba" (Lua error in Module:Unicode_data at line 15: attempt to call field 'length' (a nil value).) (literally, the burning of puya) was a historical event of the burning of the sacred scriptures (puyas) of ancient Meitei faith under the tyrannical orders of Emperor Pamheiba in the 23rd day of the Manipuri lunar month of Wakching in 1729 AD in front of the Uttra Sanglen inside the Kangla Palace of Manipur kingdom. It was regarded as the gateway event for the Brahmanical invasion into the Manipuri society.


The historic event of the destruction of the antique scriptures is commemorated still today as "Puya Mei Thaba Numit". It is observed in different parts of Manipuri dominant regions, especially in Manipur.

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