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A raccoon (sometimes racoon) is a mammal native to the Americas.

Raccoon may also mean:

  • The Raccoons, an animated television series
  • Raccoon City, a fictional metropolis depicted in Capcom's survival horror video-game series Resident Evil
  • Raccoon Creek, a disambiguation page lists several links
  • Raccoon Dog, a canine also known as tanuki
  • Raccoon River, a tributary of the Des Moines River
  • HMS Racoon, the name of six ships of the Royal Navy

Other pages

  • Racoon (band), a Dutch rock band
  • racoon (KAME), in computing: a key-exchange management daemon from the KAME project, used in IPsec
  • Rocky Raccoon, a Beatles song from The White Album
  • List of fictional raccoons
  • In Godless: The Church of Liberalism, Ann Coulter's 2006 book, the Giant Flatulent Raccoon Theory claims to refute the scientific theory of evolution.

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