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Count of Monte Cristo 1913
The Count of Monte Cristo is a classic novel about revenge

Revenge is doing something to hurt another person because they believe that person hurt them. It is also called vengeance, payback, retribution or retaliation. It can also be doing something to get even for an insult, real or perceived. Anthropologists have discovered chimpanzees will try to get revenge on thieves who steal their food.

Related terms

Sometimes revenge or acts of revenge are actually other feelings disguised as revenge.

  • Envy comes from a comparison where someone feels they have been slighted. Someone who feels envy wants to hurt or take over the person or thing they hate. They seek revenge because of envy.
  • Self-defence is often for protecting someone or something against another. A claim of self-defense may sometimes be used to hide something that was actually done for revenge.
  • A scapegoat is someone who is blamed for something someone else actually did. It can also be a person someone wants to make suffer as revenge for something.

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