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Sarsaparilla may refer to:


  • Several species of plants, of the genus Smilax, including:
    • Smilax ornata, also known as Honduran or Jamaican sarsaparilla
    • Smilax aristolochiifolia, known as Mexican sarsaparilla
    • Smilax aspera, a flowering vine found in southern Europe, Africa and south Asia
    • Smilax glyciphylla, sweet sarsaparilla, native to Eastern Australia
    • Smilax officinalis, native to Central and South America
  • Other plant species known by the same name include:
    • Alphitonia, known as sarsaparilla in Australia
    • Hardenbergia violacea, known as sarsaparilla in Australia
    • Aralia nudicaulis, known as wild sarsaparilla
    • Hemidesmus indicus, or Indian sarsaparilla
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