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Shima Shima Tora no Shimajirō
DVD Cover of the "Shimajirō Anime: Oyako no Pokapoka Kessaku Sen", featuring the members of the Shimano Family.
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Genre Educational, Comedy, Slice of life
Written by Tan Hakata
Published by Benesse
Demographic Kodomo
Magazine Kodomo Challenge
Original run April 1988December 1993
Anime television series
Directed by Hisayuki Toriumi
Music by Shin'ya Naitō
Studio Studio Kikan, now Pierrot Plus
Network TV Setouchi
TX Network (TV Tokyo, TV Osaka)
Original run December 13, 1993March 31, 2008
Episodes 726 (List of episodes)
Anime television series
Hakken Taiken Daisuki! Shimajirō
Directed by Akira Shigino
Masahiro Nakata
Music by Akifumi Tada
Studio Pierrot Plus
Network TV Setouchi
TX Network (TV Tokyo, TV Osaka)
Original run April 7, 2008March 29, 2010
Episodes 101 (List of episodes)
Anime television series
Shimajirō Hesoka
Directed by Masahiro Nakata
Music by Akifumi Tada
Studio Pierrot Plus
Network TV Setouchi
TX Network (TV Tokyo, TV Osaka)
Original run April 5, 2010March 26, 2012
Episodes 101 (List of episodes)
Anime television series
Shimajirō: A World of Wow!
Directed by Masahiro Nakata
Music by Akifumi Tada
Studio Azeta Pictures
The Answer Studio
Licensed by
WildBrain Spark
Network TV Setouchi
TX Network (TV Tokyo, TV Osaka)
Original run April 2, 2012 – ongoing
Episodes 469 (List of episodes)
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Shima Shima Tora no Shimajirō (しましまとらのしまじろう, lit. "Striped Island Tiger Shimajirō") is a 1993 Japanese children's slice of life anime series primarily aimed at preschoolers and animated by Pierrot Plus based on the Kodomo Challenge Educational Learning Program created by Benesse in 1988. It is created and directed by veteran director Hisayuki Toriumi (Science Ninja Team Gatchaman) and character designs by Shigehito Tsuji. It aired at TV Setouchi and in all TXN TV networks in Japan from December 13, 1993, to March 31, 2008.


Shima Shima Tora no Shimajirō was officially created after Benesse and TV Setouchi both decided to adapt the Learning Program series into a full-fledged series for television, with part of the staff being former Tatsunoko Production director Hisayuki Toriumi and music composer Shin'ya Naitō. It was officially animated by Studio Pierrot's sister company, Pierrot Plus and premiered on December 13, 1993. The series ended after it aired its final episode on March 31, 2008, as the second series aired, alongside the children's variety series Hakken Taiken Daisuki! Shimajirō (はっけん たいけん だいすき! しまじろう, lit. "Discover Experience Love! Shimajirō"). All of the later episodes of the series were aired in the variety series in the later years which also includes live action segments.

Theme and elements

The overall theme surrounding the series all revolves in Shimajirō's life as a preschooler and all the lessons he needs to learn in a daily basis such as making friends, saying sorry, making a resolve and others that reflects to the preschool demographic. Also educational elements such as planting flowers, how to use the toilet for the first time, helping others and learning in kindergarten is also applied.

The anime's overall elements are all based on the Kodomo Challenge series, with the storyline being completely original from the source material.


The anime is officially set in the fictional Challenge Island (ちゃれんじ島, Charenji shima) located somewhere in the world. The island, inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, is suburban and very self-sufficient in resources. Various animal characters in the island vary as well as their culture such as the Mole People who live under the island or the Squirrel people who always hibernate during winter. Various means of transport as well as subways exist in the island. Aside from the animal characters, some characters such as Witches and Fairies exist in the island.


The entire series focuses on Shimajiro Shimano, a curious tiger boy living in Challenge Island. Being the second in the family, he attends Kindergarten alongside his friends as they all discover everything around them, and learn valuable lessons as they grow up.


Shimajiro Shimano (縞野 しまじろう, Shimano Shimajirō)
Voiced by: Chisato Nakajima (First Series), Omi Minami (Current Series) (Japanese); Michelle Ruff (English)

The series's main protagonist, Shimajiro is a male yellow tiger and the only son of Shimano family. He is a bright little boy who likes doughnuts and playing soccer. He fears thunder and ghost stories, and does not like to eat green peppers. He is very supportive to his friends and to his younger sister Hana, but can sometimes be a bit stubborn. He can be mischievous and selfish, but he always learns his lesson and is always there when his friends and little sister, Hannah (Hana in the Japanese versions), need him.

Mimirin Midorihara (緑原 みみりん, Midorihara Mimirin) / Mimi-Lynne
Voiced by: Naoko Watanabe (First Series), Miki Takahashi (Current Series) (Japanese); Stephanie Sheh (English)

The series's main antagonist turned in main protagonist, Mimi-Lynne is a white female bunny with black ear tips. Living in a family of florists, Mimi-Lynne loves cute things and strawberry shortcake as well as running. However she has fear of magical reliquary and is never fond of kung fu. Usually she also has an overbite and her tail appears out of her skirt. She can be nice but spoiled, selfish and clumsy and has a habit on crying if someone doesn't favor her opinion sometimes. Mimi-Lynne is also a good aspiring singer as well and also likes to be a princess. She initially is one of two characters in the series (the other being Ramurin) to not have an older sibling, but after Ramurin leaves Challenge Island in the series finale of Shimajirō Hesoka, Mimirin becomes the only one.

Torippii Sorano (空野 とりっぴい, Sorano Torippii) / Flappie
Voiced by: Yūko Mita (First Series), Takumi Yamazaki (Current Series) (Japanese); Frank Todaro (English)

Also one of Shimajiro's childhood friends, Flappie is a male green parrot. He usually has red, blue and yellow feathers on his head and has few tail feathers on his back, as well as a loose tongue. In earlier series, he only wears a shirt, but starts wearing shorts as of Shimajiro: A World of WOW (Shimajirō no Wow). His Japanese name in the series is always mispronounced in several promotional materials. Flappie is an aspiring singer, but is somehow tone-deaf. He usually likes Takoyaki but like Shimajiro, he is easily scared of thunder, ghost stories and lastly by ghosts. Flappie, being a bird, has an ability to fly to survey things for his friends, and also can understand non-anthropomorphic birds. He usually lives with his grandmother and parents in a treehouse and is the oldest of four siblings.

Ramurin Makiba (牧場 らむりん, Makiba Ramurin)
Voiced by: Chisato Nakajima (First Series, earlier Seasons), Hinako Yoshino (First Series, later Seasons), Saori Sugimoto (Current Series)

Also one of Shimajiro's childhood friends, Ramurin is a pink female lamb. Unlike other sheep, she herself does not have a white face. She initially wore a bow on her head but replaced it with a bandana in later episodes. Her own father is a painter, and aspires her to become one when she grows up one day. She loves Pudding, but she has fears of ghosts and she is not good at running fast. She also likes both sports Judo and Sumo. Unlike the other characters, Ramurin's mentality is much higher than the rest of the main cast and usually behaves like a responsible sister. Her catch phrase is "suspicious" and usually keeps her promises sometimes. Like Mimirin, she doesn't have any older sibling. She officially left Challenge Island along with her father during the last episode of Shimajirō Hesoka, and moved to France to achieve her goals. As a result, she is the only character who does not appear in any of the movies.

Nyakkii Momoyama (桃山 にゃっきい, Momoyama Nyakkii) / Nikki
Voiced by: Saori Sugimoto (Japanese); Tara Sands (English)

Also one of Shimajiro's childhood friends, Nikki is a pink female cat with a cream-colored face. First introduced in Shimajirō: A World of Wow!, She is great at sports, caring, and always stands up to bullies. Naturally, she is always up for adventure with Shimajiro and his friends. She loves climbing trees, foot racing and sports, and dreams to become an Olympic athlete one day when she grows up. She moved into Challenge Island with her grandmother, mother and her younger brother and befriended Shimajiro and the others in the second episode. Her father, however, lives separately somewhere in Challenge Island.

Hana Shimano (縞野 はな, Shimano Hana) / Hannah
Voiced by: Miki Takahashi (Japanese); Valeria Zunzun (English)
Shimataro Shimano (縞野 しまたろう, Shimano Shimataro)
Voiced by: Chafurin
Sakura Shimano (縞野 さくら, Shimano Sakura)
Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue

Guest Stars

Randy Brakes: Also known as Mr. Brake in the live action segment of Shimajiro. He appeared in the commercial episode Childrens Hope for English.

Bob: An English guest speaker who appeared in the live action segment of Shimajiro. He wears the alpine hat and teaches people how to speak English, he is possibly played by Jerry Trainor.



The original series first aired on TV Setouchi from December 13, 1993, to March 31, 2008, becoming the 19th longest running anime in Japan from its debut to its final episode with a total of 726 episodes. The series officially has 7 Opening Songs and 7 Ending Songs. For the first series, the first opening is titled Shima Torando Island (しまとらンドアイランド, Shima torando airando) by Shima Shima Kids and the second Opening is titled Skip Step Island (スキップステップアイランド, Sukippu suteppu airando) by Omi Minami. The ending songs are titled Zutto Motto Daisuki (ずっともっと大好き, Zutto Motto Daisuki) by Shima Shima Kids, the second ending titled Happy Jam Jam (ハッピー・ジャムジャム, Happī jamu jamu) by M.S.J and the third ending is titled Nyanda Korya (にゃんだこりゃ, Nyanda korya) by both Omi Minami and Bin Shimada

The second series, Hakken Taiken Daisuki! Shimajirō, first aired on TV Setouchi and in all TXN stations on April 7, 2008 to March 29, 2010. The opening theme is titled Mainichi Challenger (まいにちチャレンジャー, Mai ni chi charenjā, lit. Everyday Challenger) by Omi Minami, Miki Takahashi, Takumi Yamazaki and Saori Sugimoto. The ending song is titled Happy Jam Jam (ハッピー・ジャムジャム, Happī jamu jamu), also by Omi Minami, Miki Takahashi, Takumi Yamazaki and Saori Sugimoto.

The third series, Shimajirō Hesoka aired on April 5, 2010 to March 26, 2012. The first opening is titled Sora Sora ☆ Aozora (ソラソラ☆あおぞら, Sora sora ☆ aozora) by Aki Toyosaki and the second opening is titled Rainbow (レインボー, Reinbō) by Yusuke Kamiji. The first ending song is titled Shima Mimi to Rira mutsu (しまみみとりらむっ, Shima Mimi to Rira mutsu) by Fusanosuke Kondō and the second ending theme is Happy Jam Jam (HE SO KA Version) (ハッピー・ジャムジャム (HE SO KAバージョン), Happī jamu jamu (HE SO KA bājon)) by Tomomi Ukumori

The current series, Shimajirō: A World of Wow!, began airing on April 2, 2012. The first opening is titled Bokura no hoshi no Miracle (ボクらのほしのミラクル, Bokura no hoshi no mirakuru, "Our Miraculous Planet") by Daudi Joseph and the second opening is titled Shimajirō to ikou yo (しまじろうと いこうよ, Shimajirō to ikou yo) by HARCO. The ending theme is titled Tomodachi no Wow! (トモダチのわお!, Tomodachi no wao!) by Puffy AmiYumi. This series is distributed internationally on YouTube by WildBrain Spark, who manages the franchise's English-language presence.

The official music of the series is composed by Shin'ya Naitō in the first series and by Akifumi Tada (Tenchi Muyo! GXP) in the later series.


Starting from Shimajirō: A World of Wow!, the series has 8 Theatrical films produced.

  • Shimajirō to Fufu no Daibōken: Sukue! Nanairo no Hana (2013)
  • Shimajirō to Kujira no Uta (2014)
  • Shimajirō to Ōkina Ki (2015)
  • Shimajirō to Kuni Ehon (2016)
  • Shimajirō to Niji no Oashisu (2017)
  • Movie Shimajiro Maho no Shimano Daiboken (2018)
  • Shimajirō to Ururu no Heroland (2019)
  • Shimajirō Soro To Soratofune (2021) Delayed from a previous 2020 release due to COVID-19 pandemic.
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