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Shopping is an activity.

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A woman shopping for food
Girls shopping for clothes in Vietnam

Shopping as the name means is to "go for shops" in order to buy something.


It can be buying items that are for sale. It can also be looking at those items even without intending to buy them. In some continents or places, it is considered an important activity or even a hobby.

In the United States there are associations of people doing "shopping", that help to buy the right article or item at the right price in the right place or shop.

There it is even a US TV program called Shop till you drop, that is a kind of game for shoppers.

Some communist countries considered shopping as a characteristic of the capitalistic societies, where excessive money can be spent by extremely rich women. In the 1990s this rejection of shopping was eliminated in eastern Europe, with the fall of communism.

Actually shopping is considered as one of the main activities of women in the contemporary western world: nearly 1/10 of daily activity is done by US women, according to researchers.

Utility Cycling

In countries like Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany the high levels of utility cycling also includes shopping trips e.g. 9% of all shopping trips in Germany are by bicycle.

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