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Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies
Created by
  • Raja Masilamani
Written by
  • Wayne Jackmani
  • Matt Robinson
  • Kirby Atkins
Directed by
  • Raja Masilamani
  • Tom Wayland
  • Scott Nichol
  • Keara Williams
  • Kevin Scott
  • Craig Webster
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 26 (list of episodes)
  • Raja Masilamani
  • Paul Robinson
Production location(s) New Zealand, Taiwan, Beijing
Production company(s)
  • Creative Media Partners
Original release 2016 (2016) – 2020 (2020)

Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies (also stylized Sindbad & The 7 Galaxies or SINDBAD 7 GALAXIES or simply Sindbad) is an animated children's comedy adventure TV series created by Raja Masilamani and IP owned by Creative Media Partners.

It is broadcast on Discovery Kids, MBC3, Sun TV, and Be.Television.

The series aimed at age 6-11 follows the adventures of Sindbad and his friends saving the 7 Galaxies from disaster, after school.


  • Sindbad: the brown-haired central protagonist of the series. Any time someone says the word "bad" he has to chime in and say "SIND bad"
  • Lee: the black-haired robotic (cybernetic organism to be exact) engineer appointed to serve Sindbad
  • Zachary Guthrie the only Earthling member of the crew, who met Sindbad while he was briefly living on Earth. He has blonde hair.
  • Lana: a shape-shifter who Sindbad and Zach rescue from her exploding homeworld, as shown in the opening cinematic and a flashback episode. In her humanoid form she has blonde hair like Zach, but can shapeshift into things like a lamp or octopus.


Sindbad is the shortened title used by Toonavision when they began broadcasting it in January 2020. The extended portion of the title "and the seven galaxies" was not included in TV guides.


  1. The Race
  2. Planet Gadget
  3. Less is More
  4. All Aboard
  5. Game On
  6. Shapeshifter
  7. See the Problem
  8. Double Trouble
  9. Let's Get Kraken
  10. I Lee
  11. Trash Planet
  12. Smells Like Trouble
  13. Team Awesome
  14. Space-whale
  15. King Zac
  16. Top Turtle
  17. More Than a Mouthful
  18. Stitch in Time
  19. Volcano
  20. Wink of an Eye
  21. The Maltese Kuil
  22. Me-Tal Magnet
  23. Hot Water
  24. The Librarian
  25. Stitch in Time
  26. Genesis