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A survivor is a person or animal which continues to live after something happens which might have killed them. They might be one person who lives when ten people die in a car crash.

Survivor could also mean:


  • Resident Evil: Survivor, a 2000 arcade game
  • Survivor (video game), an action game released in 1987 by the Spanish software house Topo Soft
  • Survivor (board game), board game based on the show.


  • Survivor (1988 novel), a novel by Christina Crawford
  • Survivor (novel), a novel by Chuck Palahniuk
  • "Survivor" (story), the last novella in Accelerando by Charles Stross
  • Survivor (Octavia Butler novel), a 1978 novel by Octavia Butler


  • Survivor (album), an album by Destiny's Child
    • "Survivor" (song), the second single from Destiny's Child's third album, Survivor
  • Survivor (band), a rock band whose hits include "Eye of the Tiger" and "Burning Heart"
  • Survivor (Funker Vogt album), an album by Funker Vogt
  • Survivor Records, a British Christian Music record label


  • Australian Survivor, a television series based on the popular American reality show Survivor
  • Celebrity Survivor, an Australian television series based on the popular reality television show Survivor
  • Survivor (TV series), a reality television show
  • Survivor (UK TV series), the British version of the American reality show Survivor
  • Survivor Series, an annual professional wrestling pay-per-view event held in November by World Wrestling Entertainment


  • Survivor (horse), a racehorse which won the first Preakness Stakes in 1873
  • Survivor (tournament), a series of writing tournaments that are held three times a year
  • Survivor: The Ride!, a roller coaster in Paramount's Great America in Santa Clara, California
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