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Telephone numbers in Argentina facts for kids

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Codes and access phone numbers
Country code: 54
International access code: 00
Trunk code: 0
International phone calls operator phone number: 000
Local and national calls operator phone number: 19

Phone numbers in Argentina have ten digits. This is when both the area code and the subscriber's code are included. The area code may have 2, 3 or 4 numbers. The remaining 8, 7 or 6 numbers are the subscriber's number. For example, phone number (11) 1234-5678 for Buenos Aires has a 2-digit area code number and an 8-digit subscriber's number. (264) 123-4567 is an example of a San Juan number.

Public utility numbers

Here is a list of the most common public utility service numbers:

  • 100: Firefighters
  • 101: Police
  • 102: Child services
  • 103: Civil defense
  • 106: Coast Guard
  • 107: Ambulance
  • 110: Phone directory
  • 112: Customer service
  • 113: Official time
  • 114: Phone repair service
  • 115: Ring test
  • 121: Phone usage info (subject to availability)
  • 125: Assistance service for the hearing-impaired
  • 911: Emergency (only in cities where 100, 101 and 107 have been merged into one emergency number, such as the Buenos Aires Metro Area and Buenos Aires Province)

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