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The Bad Book
The Bad Book.jpg
First edition
Author Andy Griffiths
Illustrator Terry Denton
Country Australia
Language English
Genre Children's
Publisher Pan Macmillan
Publication date
Media type Print (paperback)
Pages 172 pp (paperback edition)
ISBN 978-0-330-36425-6 (paperback edition)
OCLC 156029078
Followed by The Very Bad Book 

The Bad Book is a 2004 book by Andy Griffiths, who wrote the novel The Day My Bum Went Psycho, with Terry Denton, who also did the illustrations. It is a compilation of bad stories, drawings, rhymes and poems about such quirky characters like 'Bad Baby', and 'Bad Daddy' doing such bad things like miss-throwing knives, and blowing up objects and people at Christmas. It was followed by The Very Bad Book (2010) and The Super Bad Book (2011)

Stories (in chronological order)

The Bad Book contains forty-five stories overall.

  • Bad Jack Horner - Nursery Rhyme
  • Bad Humpty Dumpty - Nursery Rhyme
  • Bad Diddle Diddle - Nursery Rhyme
  • The Bad Ant - Story
  • Joan Purst - Limerick
  • Greedy Little Grace - Poem
  • Bad Daddy and the Big Swing - Cartoon
  • Badtown - Story
  • The Old Lady who swallowed a Poo - Song
  • The Girl Who Slammed Doors - Limerick
  • Bad Riddles - Jokes
  • The Sad Bad Bad-man - Story
  • Little Willy - Poem
  • Jeff Pest - Limerick
  • Bad Mummy And The Very Busy Six-Lane Hig-way - Cartoon
  • Penny McRose - Poem
  • Bad Terence - Poem
  • Bad Baby - Cartoon
  • Silly Billy - Poem
  • Very Bad Riddles - Jokes
  • The Bad Little Boy, His Father and the Very Tall Mountain - Story
  • Bad Little Betty - Poem
  • Bad Daddy Says 'No' - Cartoon
  • Little Snotty Steve - Poem
  • Bad Baby's Christmas - Cartoon
  • Ruth Punny - Limerick
  • Pirates, Trucks, Bombs, Sharks, Dinosaurs and Football - Story
  • The Bad Knife-Thrower - Cartoon
  • The Girl Who Asks Too Many Questions - Story
  • Pete Pedderson - Limerick
  • Bad Mummy and the Big Cliff - Cartoon
  • The Bad Old Duke of York - Story
  • The Bad Granny - Story
  • Little Bad Riding Hood - Story
  • Peter, Peter Junk-food Eater - Poem
  • The Bad Builder - Story
  • Ed & Ted and Ted's Bad Dog Fred - Story (Similar writing in The Cat On The Mat Is Flat)
  • Very, Very Bad Riddles - Jokes
  • If You're Bad and You Know it - Song
  • The Day Nothing Bad Happened - Story
  • Bad Mummy and the Very Hungry Lion - Cartoon
  • Very, Very, Very Bad Riddles - Jokes
  • Bad Baby at the Circus - Cartoon
  • Badword Puzzle - Puzzle
  • The Very Bad Story - Story
  • The Very, Very Bad Story - Story
  • The Very, Very, Very Bad Story - Story


In 2005 The Bad Book was awarded the BILBY Award for Younger Readers.

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