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The Standard School Broadcast is a weekly educational radio program that went on the air in 1928 and promoted music appreciation for students in the western United States. It was the oldest educational radio program in America. Based in San Francisco, California, the series was carried on NBC radio stations and via syndication. The Standard School Broadcast was devoted to music and American history. Carmen Dragon was music director of the programs for many years. The program's sponsor, Standard Oil of California, was honored with a Peabody Award for the series in 1958. In 1975, the program received the Peabody Institutional Award "for 47 years of continuous educational radio service".


In 1958, The Standard School Broadcast received a Peabody Award for radio education, "in recognition of continuous expansion and development over a 30-year period. This outstanding music appreciation series for schools combines educational value with highest musicianship, expert production, and utilization of appropriate musical groups of all types, instrumental and vocal."

In 1975, The Standard School Broadcast received the Peabody Institutional Award:

The Standard School Broadcast's 47 years on the air throughout the Western states is an achievement to which any broadcaster could point with pride. It is doubly impressive to note that its programming has always been imaginative and entertaining as well as commercial-free. Its performers have included many of the world’s most distinguished musicians and almost single-handedly it has introduced the joys of good music to several generations of listeners.

Home media

A few episodes of The Standard School Broadcast are available from old-time radio program collectors.

In the 1970s, the Chevron Research Company released a series of recordings edited from The Standard School Broadcast as a public service. The LP records, with teachers guides, were available free of charge to elementary and junior high schools throughout the West, Rocky Mountain area and the Southwest. These out-of-print recordings have been sold on various websites.

Our Nation's Heritage

  • 1970: Prologue to America
  • 1970: The New World
  • 1970: Exploring the New World
  • 1970: Europe in the New World
  • 1970: The English in America
  • 1970: The Colonial Frontier
  • 1970: The Revolutionary War
  • 1971: Cornerstones of a New Nation
  • 1972: The New Nation is Launched
  • 1972: The New Nation is Tested
  • 1972: The Nation Expands
  • 1972: The Nation Divided
  • 1972: Settling the West
  • 1972: The Industrial Revolution in America
  • 1972: The Twentieth Century Begins
  • 1972: The Nation in Prosperity and Poverty
  • 1972: America in World War II
  • 1973: America at Mid-Century
  • 1973: America Through Five Centuries — Epilogue

Music Makers

  • 1973: Guitar (two-LP set)
  • 1973: Percussion (two-LP set)
  • 1975: Brass
  • 1975: Keyboard (two-LP set)
  • 1975: Strings (two-LP set)
  • 1975: Woodwinds and Reeds
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