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The Type One Super Robot
The book cover, depicting Uncle Bellamy, Humbert and Manders.
Author Alison Prince
Illustrator Alison Prince
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Publisher André Deutsch Ltd
Publication date
ISBN 0-233-97953-0

The Type One Super Robot is a 1986 children's book written and illustrated by the British author Alison Prince.


A boy, Humbert, goes to stay with his Uncle Bellamy. Once there he discovers a strange package that appears to hum to itself. Upon alerting his uncle to the package, Humbert is surprised to find that it contains a Type One Household Robot, designed to help around the home. The robot is swiftly named Manders by Uncle Bellamy, because he does everything that a man-does.

Humbert and Manders get into many adventures, the most memorable of which is a kite-flying expedition.

One joy in the story for children is to read how Manders struggles to come to terms with human existence, for example by misunderstanding phrases like "getting along like a house on fire," failing to realise that a kite is not meant to take you with it, or trying to slice custard.

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