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The URL with Phred Show
The URL with Phred Show logo
Starring Doug Preis
Stephanie Michaels
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 20
Producer(s) Alyssa Cooper
Editor(s) Leslie Boone
Running time 60 minutes
Original network Noggin
Original release July 28, 2001 (2001-07-28) – 2002 (2002)
Preceded by Phred on Your Head Show

The URL with Phred Show is an American television series, produced by Nickelodeon for its sister channel Noggin. It is a spin-off series to Phred on Your Head Show, an earlier Noggin series with the same animated host: a small, green character named Phred. Premieres of The URL with Phred Show aired from September 10, 2001 until 2002, and reruns aired until 2004. The show is presented as an art showcase, and each episode follows Phred as he presents a mix of viewer-submitted artwork and messages from Noggin's website.

The show was named after URL, a term for an online web address. In the episodes, the URL name is said to also stand for "U R Live," emphasizing how viewers could submit their own art and messages to Noggin's website to see them live on the show. In a departure from the original Phred on Your Head Show, the spin-off is themed around a website interface, and there are a variety of new characters who co-host the show with Phred. Most of the new characters started out in Noggin's online games before appearing on the show.


URL with Phred characters
Phred and his friends from


  • Phred - The main host of the show, a former pickle mascot who looks like a yellow-green blob with short legs. He talks with a Brooklyn accent. As a running gag, Phred is often asked what his species is, and he will try to respond before being interrupted by a mishap in the studio. He was voiced by Doug Preis.
  • Noggimation Boy - A miniature boy made of 8-bit pixels who hosts the segment "Noggimation Station." He has stringy red hair and wears a purple shirt. In his segment, he shows short animations submitted by users. He is hyperactive, talks in a sped-up voice, and is always moving around. Phred likes watching Noggimation Boy's animations but tends to get annoyed by him.
  • Birthday Boy - An untidy yellow cartoon boy who hosts the segment "Birthday Time." He is always eating birthday cake and talks with his mouth full. He lives in a kitchen and likes to bake. His job is to announce the birthdays for users, but he usually shows up late and messes up his lines. At the end of each episode, Birthday Boy has a different excuse for being late to the "goodbye" segment.
  • Skengle and Skengle - Two aliens, both named Skengle, who host the segment "Skengle Poll." They want to take over and then the Earth. They use online polls to find out everything about Earth and its people, hoping their knowledge will help them take over the world. The first Skengle is a blue cyclops with a female voice who wears a helmet. The second Skengle is a light green wig creature who wears a hair bow and floats around.
  • The Whats - A group of colorful birds with mismatched features who host the segment "Question the Whats." They mostly communicate through warped sounds, squawks, and buzzing noises.
  • Big Voice - A sarcastic unseen announcer who narrates the segment "High Scores." He often bickers with Phred, makes fun of him, and points out errors. Along with Phred, he is one of only two characters from Phred on Your Head Show to return for the spin-off. Although Big Voice is never shown on screen, Phred is able to see him and comments that he is "fat with an F."
  • The Director - The off-screen director of the show. She is heard throughout all of the different segments. She also narrates the transitions from scene to scene, which usually involve her hurriedly trying to find the next act.


  • Featured content - Like the original series, URL with Phred featured select episodes from shows such as Doug and Cro.
  • Phred's Email - This segment is usually featured at the start of the episodes. In it, Big Voice gives Phred an email from a user. Phred reads the email aloud and responds to it. Video messages and artwork were sometimes shown.
  • Dress Phred - Phred wears outfits designed by users. This segment is very brief and is often featured more than once in each episode.
  • Noggimation Station - Noggimation Boy shows a short digital animation from a user. As a running gag, Noggimation Boy sometimes tries to start the segment by chanting each letter of "Noggimation," but Phred interrupts him.
  • Birthday Time - This segment features a list of users whose birthday was on a certain date. It is presented by Birthday Boy, with off-screen singing from Phred.
  • Skengle Poll - The Skengles announce the results of their online polls. In these segments, the Skengles often accidentally mention their plans to take over the Earth, which makes Phred question them.
  • Question the Whats - The Whats appear in a presentation of riddles.
  • High Scores - Big Voice announces the highest-scoring users for different online games on When an unregistered user has a high score, their name is listed as "Nogginer."
  • Goodbyes - This is the closing act of the show. It features the main characters gathering in Phred's room to say goodbye. One character (often Birthday Boy) is always late and holds up the end of the show.
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