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Thectophila acmotypa
Scientific classification

Meyrick, 1927
T. acmotypa
Binomial name
Thectophila acmotypa
Meyrick, 1927

Thectophila is a genus of moths in the family Cosmopterigidae, although some sources place it in the family Blastodacnidae. The genus contains only one species, Thectophila acmotypa. This species is endemic to New Zealand. It is classified as "Data Deficient" by the Department of Conservation.


This species was originally described by Edward Meyrick in 1927 using a female specimen collected by George Hudson at Arthur's Pass at approximately 1200 m. in February. Hudson discussed and illustrated the species under that name in his 1928 publication The Butterflies and Moths of New Zealand. The holotype specimen is held at the Natural History Museum, London.


Meyrick described the species as follows:

♀ 14 mm. Head, thorax ochreous-whitish (rubbed). Palpi whitish. Forewings lanceolate, apex acutely produced, caudulate; ochreous-whitish; a fine dark grey line from disc at 45 to apex, terminating in a black apical dot: cilia ochreous-whitish, round apex short segments of blackish subbasal and grey postmedian lines. Hind-wings pale grey; cilia whitish.


This species is endemic to New Zealand. It is only known from one locality, Arthur's Pass.

Biology and behaviour

Very little is known of the biology of this species. The adult male is on the wing in February.

Habitat and host species

This species prefers habitat consisting of rough herbage in mountainous terrain. The habitat of the species is protected as it falls within the Arthur's Pass National Park. The host species of this moths larvae is unknown.

Conservation status

This species has been classified as having the "Data Deficient" conservation status under the New Zealand Threat Classification System.

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