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Thomas Sandgaard (born 1958, Denmark) is a Danish-American entrepreneur, inventor, and rock music guitarist. He founded Zynex Inc. He owns the Charlton Athletic Football Club (CAFC).

Early life

Sandgaard was born and raised in Denmark. He won the inventor’s competition when he was 12 years old as he created an ‘early version of an electronic keyboard.’ He also built a recording studio.


Sandgaard started a business to send facsimiles via personal computers when he moved to the United States. The business failed due to a lack of funding. He then started a repairing and manufacturing business for medical devices and began selling his devices in Canada and the United States. In 1996, he founded Zynex Inc., and in 1998 his company’s first product acquired Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.

Sandgaard also founded Sandgaard Capital, a private family office and investment firm, and Sandgaard Foundation. He also owns Clear Ocean Capital Limited. He bought Charlton Athletic Football Club from East Street Investments in September 2020 and acquired approval from the EFL to run the club.

Sandgaard is also the lead guitarist of a rock band, the Guardian Angel.

As of September 2020, he has a net worth of £400 million.


An ex-employee of Sandgaard’s company, Ronette Perkins, filed a civil discrimination lawsuit in 2017 on the grounds of racial discrimination. The case was resolved after a settlement was reached between Perkins and Sandgaard.

Sandgaard’s ownership of CAFC is disputed by Craig Freeman.

Personal life

Sandgaard is a resident of Denver, Colorado.

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