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Narrow-lobed glider
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Male narrow-lobed glider in Cairns, Australia
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Tramea stenoloba, the narrow-lobed glider, is a species of dragonfly in the Libellulidae family. It is found in the Cocos Islands, Lesser Sunda Islands, Java Sea and Australia.


Tramea stenoloba is a medium to large dragonfly (wingspan 100mm, length 55mm) with its synthorax almost uniformly red, and noticeable dark patches at the base of its hindwings. Its abdomen is red with the last two segments black. The female is a duller brown. It is very similar to Tramea loewii, with differences in coloring of the synthorax, and genital dimensions.


Tramea stenoloba inhabits riverine lagoons, lakes and ponds. In Australia it is widespread except for the far south-east of the continent. It is likely to be less common than Tramea loewii, with fewer records listed in the Atlas of Living Australia.


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