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Tramea transmarina
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Conservation status
Scientific classification
Tramea propinqua distribution map.svg

Tramea samoensis (Brauer, 1867)
Trapezostigma euryale (Selys, 1878)
Tramea propinqua (Lieftinck, 1942)
Tramea transmarina intersecta (Lieftinck, 1975)

Tramea transmarina, known as the red glider or northern glider, is a species of dragonfly in the Libellulidae family. The type locality for Tramea transmarina is Fiji, but subspecies are found in the islands of the Pacific, north-eastern Australia and Southeast Asia.


The following names are considered to be alternative names to Tramea transmarina Brauer, 1867:

  • Trapezostigma euryale Selys, 1878
  • Tramea transmarina intersecta Lieftinck, 1975
  • Tramea propinqua Lieftinck, 1942
  • Tramea samoensis Brauer, 1867


Tramea members typically have coloured bases to their hindwings. When they fly, this creates the impression of them carrying bags at the top of the abdomen; hence they are commonly known as saddlebags gliders. In general, adult males have a dark thorax and bright abdomen.


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