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Trymalium odoratissimum
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Trymalium odoratissimum subsp. odoratissimum
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Trymalium odoratissimum is a plant species found in Southwest Australia.


This description was published in 1838 by John Lindley in Edwards Botanical Register, who notes that Robert Mangles, of the colony's Mangles family, provided a flowering specimen to a horticultural society in London.

Two subspecies are recognised:

  • Trymalium odoratissimum Lindl. subsp. odoratissimum. The nominate predominately occurs on the Swan Coastal Plain and is found to the north of Perth.
  • Trymalium odoratissimum subsp. trifidum (Rye) Kellermann, Rye & K.R.Thiele. A subspecies emerging from a revision published in 2008. The well known description Trymalium floribundum Steud. is currently regarded as a synonym of this subspecific concept. It bears the common name karri hazel and is known as djop born in the Nyungar language.
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