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Unitary may be:

  • Unitary construction, in automotive design, another common term for a unibody or monocoque construction
    • Unitary as chemical weapons opposite of Binary
  • Unitarianism, in Christian religion, the belief in a "unitary God" instead of the idea of the Trinity
    • Unitarian Universalism (sometimes called "Unitarianism"), an interfaith church which gets its name from an interfaith concept of "unitary God"
  • types of political regions
  • Unitary enterprise, a type of government-owned corporation in Russia and Belarus
  • Unitary executive theory, a theory of American constitutional law


  • E-unitary inverse semigroups
  • Unitary matrix
  • Unitary operator
  • Unitary transformation
  • Unitary group
  • Unitary representation
  • Unital (disambiguation)
  • Unitarity (physics)
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