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Unity may refer to:


  • Unity Christian Music Festival, a Michigan music festival
  • Unity, a band formed by members of Uniform Choice
  • Unity (Larry Young album), 1966
  • Unity (Sun Ra album), 1977
  • Unity (311 album), 1991
  • Unity (Avishai Cohen album), 2001
  • Unity (Rage album), 2002
  • Unity (George album), 2003
  • Unity, a 1994 album by the band Big Mountain
  • Walt Dickerson Plays Unity, 1964
  • Unity (EP), a 1999 split EP by Dropkick Murphys and Agnostic Front
  • "U.N.I.T.Y.", a 1993 song by Queen Latifah
  • "Unity" (Afrika Bambaataa and James Brown song), 1985
  • "Unity" (Shinedown song), 2012
  • "Unity", a song by Desmond Dekker and the Aces, from their 1968 album Action!
  • "Unity", a song by Kelly Rowland on the 2007 album Ms. Kelly
  • "Unity", a song by Mordechai Ben David and Shea Mendelowitz
  • "Unity", a song by Operation Ivy and covered by many punk rock acts
  • The Unity, a Nepalese band featuring DA69 (Sudin Pokharel), Asif Shah, and Aidray


In the United States
  • Unity, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Unity State, South Sudan
  • Unity Village, Guyana


  • Unity Mitford (1914–1948), friend of Adolf Hitler


  • Unity Church, also known as the Unity School of Christianity
  • Unity Temple, a Unitarian Universalist church in Illinois

Science and technology

  • Unity, the number 1
  • A concept in ring theory in mathematics
  • Unity (ISS module), a segment of the International Space Station
  • Unity (cable system), for trans-Pacific communications
  • VSS Unity, a rocket-powered suborbital spaceplane


  • Unitie, a ship of the Third Supply fleet to Virginia colony in 1609
  • Unité, a French ship captured by the Royal Navy and renamed HMS Surprise (1796)
  • HMS Unity, the name of several ships of the Royal Navy
  • Unity (ship), a ship that disappeared near Tasmania in 1813


  • Unity (user interface), from Canonical (since Ubuntu 11.04)
  • Unity Application Block, part of Microsoft Enterprise Library
  • Unity (game engine), a multi-platform game engine and development toolkit
  • Unity Technologies, developer of Unity game engine
  • Unity Linux, a Linux distribution
  • UNITY (programming language)


  • Unity of invention, a patent law requirement
  • Unity Bridge (disambiguation), various bridges
  • Unity Day (disambiguation), various holidays
  • Unity (military operation), the covert supply of Thai troops to the Laotian Civil War
  • Unity (peer education project), a peer education project in the Dutch nightlife

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