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In this Vietnamese name, the family name is, but is often changed to Vo in English-language text. According to Vietnamese custom, this person should be called by the given name Công.

Võ Chí Công (born Võ Toàn; 7 August 1912 – 8 September 2011) was a Vietnamese politician, a founding member of the Viet Cong and former President of Vietnam.

Early life

In 1912, Công was born Võ Toàn in Quảng Nam Province, Vietnam, in 1912.


In 1930, he first became active in politics.

In 1935, he joined the Communist Party of Indochina; and he rose through the ranks of the party.

From 1987 through 1992, he was the Chairman of the Council of State of Vietnam which was like the current office of the President of Vietnam.


Công died in Ho Chi Minh City on 8 September 2011, aged 99. His state funeral was broadcast on television.

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