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Abel Pardo (born in 1974 in Llión, province of Llión, Spain), also known as Auslli, is a politician and a Leonese language writer.

As an Italian language and culture for foreigners student, Abel Pardo is the author of a plain comparison between Leonese language and Italian, presented and approved in the University of Pavia, Italy, as a Laurea Thesis. Later it was published under the title Linguistica Contrastiva Italiano-Leonese (Italian-Leonese Contrastive Linguistics).

Abel Pardo also develops some activity as a translator into Leonese language. He translated the leaflet Campus Stellae (1999). He collaborated with the weekly newspaper La Nuesa Tierra, writing about 200 short articles in Leonese language. As a town councilor of León, he promoted a light Leonese language bilingualism, starting local Leonese language courses in the town of León. He created the title "Monïtor de Llïngüa Llïonesa" for teaching Leonese language in municipality courses.

He has also written works about Leonese language and new technologies, as "Nuevas Teunoloxías y Llingua Llïonesa" (New Technologies and Leonese language), a pre-doctorate work presented and approved in the Open University of Catalonia, or "El Llïonés y las TICs" in the magazine Mikroglottika.

Collective books

  • Cuentos de Lleón (1996)
  • Brañas d'antanu ya xente d'anguanu (prologue) (2003)
  • Cuentos del Sil (2006)
  • El Dialecto Leonés (2006)


  • Campus Stellae (1999)
  • Nuevas Teunoloxías y Llingua Llïonesa (2006)
  • Linguistica contrastiva Italiano-Leonese (2006)

Scientific publications

  • Linguistica contrastiva italiano-leonese: Vocalismo (2007) in Mikroglottika

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