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Neonazi 2.4.2005 M√ľnchen
A demonstration organised by the youth movement of the right-wing National Democratic Party of Germany, in 2004
Rudolf Hess-Gedenkmarsch
A group of neonazis commemorating Rudolf Hess. The banner reads: Martyrs never die
Some neonazis are skinheads.

Neo-Nazism means the ideology of some political groups who want to return to the beliefs and practices of Nazism after the end of World War II. Different groups have their own sets of beliefs and practices. Neo-Nazis believe in loyalty to Adolf Hitler, hating Jews (anti-Semitism), racism, belief in a Germanic master race, xenophobia (hating and fearing people from different countries), extremist nationalism, supremacy, militarism, and hatred of homosexuals (homophobia).

Neo-Nazis often use the symbols of Nazi Germany such as the swastika. Neo-Nazism has been linked to far-right political parties in England such as the National Front and the British Nationalist Party as well as being linked to the skinhead sub-culture.

Political ideologies

Neo-Nazism (neo meaning "recent" or "modern") is a fascist belief of white people after the second World War. Their main belief is white nationalism. This means they believe that white people should be able to live in their own land without interference from those who are not of European descent. They are also against people who are gay or Jewish, and do not like people moving into to their country. Neo-nazis are normally part of far-right political parties. An example of Neo-Nazism in England would be the National Front Party, which reached its most popular time during the 1980s. Most far-right or racial skinheads do not call themselves neo-nazis or white supremacists. They call themselves nationalists or national socialists. Most are not violent unless towards communists, anarchists, or unless provoked.

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