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Acanthoxyla prasina.JPG
A prickly green stick insect (Acanthoxyla prasina) seen in Fairfield, Otago in 2012
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Phasmatodea
Family: Phasmatidae
Subfamily: Phasmatinae
Genus: Acanthoxyla
Uvarov 1955

Acanthoxyla is a genus of stick insects in the family Phasmatidae (tribe Acanthoxylini). All the individuals of the species are female and reproduce asexually by parthenogenesis. However, a male Acanthoxyla inermis was recently discovered in the UK, probably the result of chromosome loss. The genus is the result of interspecific hybridisation resulting in some triploid lineages and some diploid lineages. The genus is endemic to New Zealand, but some species have been accidentally introduced elsewhere. The genus name Acanthoxyla translates from Greek as prickly stick (acantho = thorn; xyla = wood).


The Catalogue of Life lists:

  • Acanthoxyla fasciata (Hutton, 1899)
  • Acanthoxyla geisovii (Kaup, 1866)
  • Acanthoxyla huttoni Salmon, 1955
  • Acanthoxyla inermis Salmon, 1955
  • Acanthoxyla intermedia Salmon, 1955
  • Acanthoxyla prasina (Westwood, 1859)
  • Acanthoxyla speciosa Salmon, 1955
  • Acanthoxyla suteri (Hutton, 1899)
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