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Airsoft is a sport that uses fake guns (Airsoft guns) to battle. This game is usually compared with paintball, another sport that uses fake guns to battle. The difference between the two sports are:

  1. Bullets from an Airsoft gun do not explode and leave paint on the target. But, if it the BB (the bullets used by airsoft guns) hits hard enough, or hits clothing that is too thin, it can leave bruises and sometimes even make wounds. Because BBs do not show clearly a mark showing that a player is hit, players use their own judgement to call themselves out. This system is unreliable, because people can not call themselves out and cheat. Many players usually stop this by 'lighting the player up', or shooting at the cheater until he calls his hit.
  2. Airsoft guns more accurately copy real guns, with Airsoft guns using magazines to load bullets, and Airsoft pistols most of the time using gas to fire the BB (making it look more realistic). Because of this, people use Airsoft guns in Military Simulation events (sometimes said as MilSim).
  3. Airsoft is cheaper to get into, because cheap pull-once-per-shot guns cost at around $5, and BBs costing less than 0.2 cents for each BB,

Because of how simple the sport of Airsoft works (shoot people), people usually make things interesting by changing the gameplay styles. Some examples are short-term battles, organized scenarios, historical reenactments and Military Simulation. Game fields also have very different styles, from battle in small spaces, or battle in big outdoor places. Because of how Airsoft guns work, tactics used in the Military can also be used in the game.

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