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Alpine groundsel
Unidentified Plant 9962 - Walls of Jerusalem.jpg
In Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Tasmania
Scientific classification

Senecio pectinatus, commonly known as alpine groundsel, is a species of flowering plant in the aster family. The species occurs in alpine areas of south-eastern Australia in peat-based soils. It has divided leaves forming a basal rosette and produces a single yellow flower head (up to 30 mm diameter) on a stalk up to 20 cm high.

Two varieties are currently recognised:

  • Senecio pectinatus var. major F.Muell. ex Belcher (Victoria and New South Wales)
  • Senecio pectinatus DC. var. pectinatus (Victoria and Tasmania) It has small leaves with the tips of the divided segments curving inwards.

A white-flowering variety (Senecio pectinatus var. ochroleucus F.Muell.) was promoted to species status in 2004 as Senecio albogilvus I.Thomps.

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