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Genre Drama,Thriller
Created by SVF Entertainment
Written by Concept
Sahana Dutta
Directed by Anupam Hari
Creative director(s) Sahana Dutta
Starring Indrajeet Bose
Aishwarya Roy


Bhaswar chatterjee
Composer(s) Upaali Chatterjee
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Bengali
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 220
Producer(s) Shrikant Mohta
Mahendra Soni
Production location(s) Kolkata
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) SVF Entertainment
Original network Zee Bangla
Picture format 576i SDTV
1080i HDTV
Original release February 12, 2018 (2018-02-12) – 30 November 2018
Followed by Stree

Amloki (Bengali: আমলকী); is a Bengali television soap opera that premiered on 12 February 2018 and airs on Zee Bangla. The Show Stars Aishwarya Roy and Antara as The Main Female Protagonists and Indrajeet Bose as The Main Male Antagonist and bhaswar chatterjee as the male lead. It replaced the popular show Stree starring Neel Bhattacharya and Neha Amandeep in the lead roles.The show will go off air on 30th November 2018 and will get replaced byRanu Pelo Lottery starring Krushal Ahuja and Bijoylakshmi Chatterjee in the lead roles.


It narrates the story of a six-year-old girl named Amloki, who was born deaf and dumb.

Amloki hails from a poor family. Her father,Ratan is a gambler and steals jewelry while her mother runs the family by preparing jaggery at daytime and acting in Jatra at night. The sole reason for her mother’s existence is Amloki. She believes that someday her daughter will be cured. However, destiny has its own plans. Amloki loses her mother suddenly.

Her responsibility now solely rests on the shoulders of her irresponsible father. But instead of taking care of his special daughter, her father shoves off his duties and makes a quick escape. Now how Amloki survives all by herself in this cruel world and takes her truant father to task and makes him realize his mistakes. Amloki's mother Chandana who is in fact daughter of the influential GuhaThakurtas meets with an accident and loses her memory. However she is rescued by her cousin Mohana. Mohana then takes her to her maternal home of the GuhaThakurtas where in addition to Chandana's parents, her uncle and aunt and their two kids (Mohana and Nilay) reside along with Nilay's wife Baisakhi who is a shrewd manipulator. Chandana's family had earlier estranged her upon her marriage to Ratan who they knew was a good for nothing thug. However seeing the dire situation of Chandana, they welcome her back and their parental love comes to the fore. However Chandana can't seem to remember anything including her parents. In a separate development, Mohana rescues Amlaki from an orphanage and takes her to the GuhaThakurtas in a bid to adopt her as she is biologically unfit to reproduce. Amlaki is ecstatic upon seeing her real mother Chandana in the GuhaThakurta household. However she is unable to communicate this because of her inabilities. Ratan disguises himself as Ratnadeep Sengupta and under this guise meets Mohana to charm her as he believes she is the key to the GuhaThakurta household.He shows himself to be a simplistic classy and sophisticated gentleman and Mohana instantly falls in love with him unaware of his true intentions. Mohana's parents and Baisakhi conspire against Amlaki and get her deported from the household to a remote location. Mohana and Nilay are furious upon knowing this and vow to get Amlaki back. In the meanwhile, police comes to the GuhaThakurta household and arrests Nabakumar GuhaThakurta for his alleged role in the kidnapping of Amlaki.Amlaki is rescued and brought back to the house while Ratan in a bid to marry Mohana visits the family and is shocked to find Chandana and Amlaki there. However he is relieved to find that Chandana has lost all her memory and can't seem to identify him. Although Amlaki recognises him, she is unable to point this out to the family members. Taking advantage of Mohana's naivety Ratnadeep gets closer to her and is about to announce his decision to marry her when he comes to know that Chandana's father Nabakumar GuhaThakurta is the main owner and thus Chandana is the heir to the GuhaThakurta household and not Mohana whose father is just a mere employee. Sensing this opportunity he woos Chandana and tricks Nabakumar into thinking he is a perfect match for his daughter. Charmed by Ratan, Nabakumar agrees to this marriage as Ratan falsely informs them that Chandana's legitimate husband is dead. Mohana is shocked by this decision. To cover his tracks, Ratan lies that Amloki is actually a kleptomaniac and has a tendency of stealing things. Chandana is offended but decides to keep mum. Nabakumar insists on meeting Ratan's family members despite the latter's reluctance. Ratan asks his sister and her husband to play the role of his parents and sets up few miscreants disguised as genuine local people to sing praises about him.However Baisakhi catches onto Ratan and goes to Mohana with this information but Mohana outright dismisses her and even insults. This causes an incensed Baisakhi to keep shut and she vows not to let anyone know the truth but instead let them suffer. Mohana,on the other hand, is deeply in love with Ratnadeep and can't imagine a life without him. She is hell bent on marrying him by hook or by crook. She makes several unsuccessful attempts to stop Chandana and Ratnadeep from marrying. However she is caught and she is forcefully isolated from the marriage. On the day of marriage, Mohana thinks of dissuading Chandana by reminding her of her deceased husband which she has forgotten but Sudakshina stops her from reaching Chandana's room. Ratan persuades Chandana to go to a beauty parlour so that he can meanwhile steal the jewelry and blame it on Amloki. Chandana leaves for the parlour and Ratan steals the jewelry. Amloki is frightened at the prospect of Chandana marrying Ratan once again as she has been witness to the cruelty imposed to Chandana firsthand. However family members fail to perceive this and become bewildered at Amloki's attempts to sabotage the marriage and simply think this to be a manifestation of the apparent dislike which Amloki harbours towards Ratnadeep. Amloki catches Ratan stealing the jewelry and attempts to stop him. However she is no match for him as he gives it away to his sister and her husband. An aggrieved Amloki runs after the cab ferrying the both of them and the stolen jewellery and while doing so meets with an accident. On being caught entering the residence from the backgate Ratnadeep lies that Amloki stole all the jewellery and ran away. Nilay finds it to be a tad bit suspicious but keeps mum anyway. Chandana on returning from parlour is shocked to find Amloki accused of stealing. Her maternal instincts cry out to her that Amloki is in pain and she leaves the marriage venue while asking Mohana to delay the marriage while she searches for Amloki. Mohana on the other hand uses this opportunity to get married to Ratnadeep on Baisakhi's advice. After half of the marriage is over, the truth is out but Mohana lies that Chandana left the marriage asking for Mohana to be happy. Ratnadeep refuses to marry her but Baisakhi threatens him with dire consequences of revealing his truth to the family members. This causes Ratan to agree to the marriage. Chandana discovers Amloki is at a nursing home and after admitting her calls Mohana only to know that she has taken Ratnadeep for herself. Chandana faints but is rescued by Dr.Gaurav Sen, her potential love interest and her ex-fiance who is also the owner of the nursing home.


  • Aishwarya Roy as Amloki/Main Female Protagonist
  • Indrajit Bose as Amloki's Father/Ratan/Main antagonist
  • Antara as Amloki's Mother/Chandana/Parrallel female lead
  • Kausiki Tinni Guha as Ratan's Sister/Menaka
  • Monami Ghosh/Sreetoma Roy Chaudhary as Amloki's Aunt/Mohana.
  • Mrinal mukherjee as Nobukumar Guha Thakurata/Chandana's Father
  • Bhaswar Chatterjee as Dr Gourab Sen
  • Rita Dutta Chakrabarty as Sudakshina GuhaThakurta
  • Shovan Kamila as Vikram
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