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Andromeda XIX is a satellite galaxy of the Andromeda Galaxy, and is part of the Local Group, like the Milky Way Galaxy. Andromeda XIX is said to be "the most extended dwarf galaxy known in the Local Group", and has a half-light radius of 1.7 kiloparsec (kpc). It was found by the Canada–France–Hawaii Telescope, and it is a dwarf galaxy.


The MegaPrime/MegaCam 1 deg2 (camera) on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) had mapped the M31 stellar halo (one quarter) up to ~150 kpc. The observation, which had proved the uneveness of Andromeda's stellar halo, had shown that multiple other dwarf galaxies exist. They are: Andromeda XI, XII, XIII, XV, XVI, XVIII, XIX, and XX.

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