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Apoctena orthocopa
Apoctena orthocopa2.jpg
Scientific classification
A. orthocopa
Binomial name
Apoctena orthocopa
(Meyrick, 1924)
  • Tortrix orthocopa Meyrick, 1924

Apoctena orthocopa is a species of moth of the family Tortricidae. It is endemic to New Zealand, where it is found only on the North Island.


This species was first described by Edward Meyrick in 1924 and named Tortrix orthocopa. The specimens used by Meyrick were collected by George Hudson in Wellington in January.


Meyrick described this species as follows:

♂♀. 18–21 mm. Head, palpi, thorax whitish-ochreous. Forewings sub-oblong, costa in ♂ with moderate fold from base to 25, termen sinuate, hardly oblique; pale ochreous, sometimes tinged brownish; markings variably tinged lilac and edged with dark-brown streaks; edge of basal patch very oblique, on costal half obsolete; edges of central fascia nearly straight, very oblique, anterior from 14 of costa to 34 of dorsum, posterior from beyond middle of costa to termen above tornus, sometimes a lighter spot edged posteriorly with one or two dark strigulae occupying anterior part of central fascia on costa; costal spot very faint, edged anteriorly by a very oblique brown striga, sometimes faintly continued sinuate to middle of termen: cilia pale ochreous, two brownish lines more or less marked. Hingwings, ♂ whitish-grey, ♀ ochreous-grey-whitish, a very few small cloudy greyish flecks; cilia concolorous.

Host plant

The larvae feed on Cyathea species.

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