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Archyala opulenta
Scientific classification
A. opulenta
Binomial name
Archyala opulenta
Philpott, 1926

Archyala opulenta is a species of moth of the family Tineidae. This species is endemic to New Zealand. It is classified as "Data Deficient" by the Department of Conservation.


This species was described by Alfred Philpott in 1926 from specimens collected in the upper Maitai Valley in Nelson by E. S. Gourlay in November. George Hudson in 1928 discussed this species as a synonym of A. terranea. However, in 1927 Philpott had shown a diagnostic difference between these two species when he illustrated the male genitalia of A. opulenta. The holotype specimen is held at the New Zealand Arthropod Collection.


Philpott described this species as follows:

♂. 17–19 mm. Head and palpi ochreous mixed with fuscous. Antennae fuscous. Thorax dark fuscous mixed with ochreous. Abdomen dark greyish-fuscous. Legs fuscous mixed with ochreous. Forewings elongate, costa strongly arched, apex round-pointed, termen rounded, very oblique; ochreous; numerous dark purplish-fuscous outwardly-oblique interrupted strigae, most prominent on costa; a broader and more continuous one from 23 costa to 34 dorsum; a series of ochreous spots round termen: fringes fuscous mixed with ochreous. Hindwings fuscous with purplish-violet reflections: fringes dark fuscous.


It is endemic to New Zealand. This species has been found in Nelson and Northland.

Biology and ecology

This species was first collected in the bush. This species is a known associate of bat colonies as its larvae feeds on the guano of Mystacinidae. The adult moth is on the wing in November.

Conservation status

This moth is classified under the New Zealand Threat Classification system as being Data Deficient.

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