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Arnold Lobel was a children's author and illustrator.

Selected works as writer

  • Prince Bertram the Bad (1963)
  • A Holiday for Mister Muster (1963)
  • Giant John (1964)
  • Lucille (1964)
  • The Bears of the Air (1966)
  • Martha the Movie Mouse (1966)
  • The Comic Adventures of Old Mother Hubbard and Her Dog (1968)
  • The Great Blueness and Other Predicaments (1968)
  • Small Pig (1969)
  • Ice-Cream Cone Coot, and Other Rare Birds (1971)
  • On the Day Peter Stuyvesant Sailed Into Town (1971)
  • Owl at Home (1975)
  • Grasshopper on the Road (1978)
  • A Treeful of Pigs (1979)
  • Fables (1980) (A Caldecott Medal winner)
  • Uncle Elephant (1981)
  • Ming Lo Moves the Mountain (1982)
  • The Book of Pigericks: Pig Limericks (1983)
  • The Rose in My Garden (1984)
  • Whiskers & Rhymes (1985)
  • Odd Owls & Stout Pigs: A Book of Nonsense (2009), color by Adrianne Lobel

Frog and Toad series

A series of books featuring Frog and Toad

The musical A Year with Frog and Toad (workshopped 2000, premiered 2002), by Adrianne Lobel and others, played on Broadway in 2003 and has toured nationally since.

  • The Frogs and Toads All Sang (2009), color by Adrianne Lobel

Mister Muster series

Featuring Arnold Lobel's first self-written and illustrated book

  • A Zoo for Mister Muster (1962)
  • A Holiday for Mister Muster (1963)

Mouse series

  • Mouse Tales (1972)
  • Mouse Soup (1977) (Garden State Children's Book Award winner)

As illustrator

  • Happy Times with Holiday Rhymes (1958) by Tamar Grand
  • My First Book of Prayers (1958) by Edythe Scharfstein, Sol Scharfstein, and Ezekiel Schloss
  • The Book of Chanukah Poems, Riddles, Stories, Songs, Things to Do (1959) by Edythe Scharfstein and Ezekial Schloss
  • The Complete Book of Hanukkah (1959) by Kinneret Chiel
  • Holidays are Nice: Around the Year with the Jewish Child (1960) by Robert Garvey and Ezekiel Schloss
  • Red Tag Comes Back (1961) by Fred Phleger
  • Something Old Something New (1961) by Susan Rhinehart
  • Little Runner of the Longhouse (1962) by Betty Baker
  • The Secret Three (1963) by Mildred Myrick
  • Miss Suzy (1964) by Miriam Young
  • Dudley Pippin (1965) by Phil Ressner
  • The Witch on the Corner (1966) by Felice Holman
  • The Star Thief (1968) by Andrea DiNoto
  • Ants Are Fun (1969) by Mildred Myrick
  • I'll Fix Anthony (1969) by Judith Viorst
  • Hansel and Gretel (1971) by The Brothers Grimm
  • As I Was Crossing Boston Common (1973) by Norma Farber
  • The Clay Pot Boy (1974) by Cynthia Jameson
  • Gregory Griggs and Other Nursery Rhyme People (1978)
  • The Random House Book of Mother Goose (1986)
  • Sing a Song of Popcorn: Every Child's Book of Poems (1988) by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers

Written by Millicent E. Selsam

A series of Science I Can Read Books all written by Millicent E. Selsam and illustrated by Arnold Lobel:

  • Greg's Microscope (1963)
  • Terry and the Caterpillars (1963)
  • Let's Get Turtles (1965)
  • Benny's Animals and How He Put Them in Order (1966)

Written by Jack Prelutsky

Books that Arnold Lobel illustrated for Jack Prelutsky:

  • The Terrible Tiger (1970)
  • Circus (1974)
  • Nightmares: Poems to Trouble Your Sleep (1976)
  • The Mean Old Mean Hyena (1978)
  • The Headless Horseman Rides Tonight: More Poems to Trouble Your Sleep (1980)
  • The Random House Book of Poetry for Children (1983)
  • Tyrannosaurus Was a Beast: Dinosaur Poems (1988)

Written by Nathaniel Benchley

Books that Arnold Lobel illustrated for Nathaniel Benchley:

  • Red Fox and His Canoe (1964)
  • Oscar Otter (1966)
  • The Strange Disappearance of Arthur Cluck (1967)
  • Sam the Minuteman (1969)

Written by Peggy Parish

Books that Arnold Lobel illustrated for Peggy Parish:

  • Let's Be Indians (1962)
  • Let's Be Early Settlers with Daniel Boone (1967)
  • Dinosaur Time (1974)

Written by Lilian Moore

Books that Arnold Lobel illustrated for Lilian Moore:

  • The Magic Spectacles and Other Easy-to-Read Stories (1965)
  • Junk Day on Juniper Street and Other Easy-to-Read Stories (1969)

Written by Edward Lear

Books that Arnold Lobel illustrated for Edward Lear:

  • The Four Little Children Who Went Around the World (1968)
  • The New Vestments (1970)

Written by Charlotte Zolotow

Books that Arnold Lobel illustrated for Charlotte Zolotow:

  • The Quarreling Book (1963)
  • Someday (1965)

Written by Jean van Leeuwen

Books that Arnold Lobel illustrated for Jean van Leeuwen:

  • Tales of Oliver Pig (1979)
  • More Tales of Oliver Pig (1981)
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