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Equus hemionus kulan.JPG
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Perissodactyla
Family: Equidae
Genus: Equus
Subgenus: Asinus

Equus africanus
Equus hemionus
Equus kiang

Wild asses range.png
Range of the three living ass species

Asinus is a subgenus of Equus (single-toed (hooved) grazing animal) that encompasses several subspecies of the Equidae commonly known as wild asses, characterized by long ears, a lean, straight-backed build, lack of a true withers, a coarse mane and tail, and a reputation for considerable toughness and endurance.

The common donkey is the best-known domesticated representative of the subgenus, with both domesticated and feral varieties. Among the wild ass species, several never-domesticated species live in Asia and Africa.


  • Genus: Equus
    • Subgenus: Asinus
      • African wild ass, Equus africanus
        • Nubian wild ass, Equus africanus africanus
        • Somali wild ass, Equus africanus somaliensis
        • Donkey, Equus africanus asinus
        • Atlas wild ass, †Equus africanus atlanticus (extinct)
      • Onager or Asiatic wild ass, Equus hemionus
        • Mongolian wild ass or khulan, Equus hemionus hemionus
        • Indian wild ass or khur, Equus hemionus khur
        • Turkmenian kulan, Equus hemionus kulan
        • Persian onager or gur, Equus hemionus onager
        • Syrian wild ass or achdari, †Equus hemionus hemippus (extinct)
        • European wild ass or hydruntine, †Equus hemionus hydruntinus (extinct)
      • Kiang or Tibetan wild ass, Equus kiang
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